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Electro-voice EVA

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Chuck Fudge:
Has anyone demo'd/installed EVA line array components?  I would like to hear honest opinions regarding sound quality, ease in installation etc.

in advance, thanks for the responses

Martin Morris:
Ethan Wetzell of EV/Bosch lurks here. He could well know of users  or an installed system local to you.

Worth a shot, Search for Ethan Wetzell.


Dave Sturzenbecher:
I was able to listen to the in the Infocomm EV Demo Room.  Needless to say...i am a fan.  It is pretty remarkable what they can do off of two amp channels, and the sound, was very good, very smooth.

One thing I would like to point out is that you really need to do your homework before you hang these.  With only one amp channel feeding a whole array, there is no remote controlled DSP setting that can shade the array properly. Attenuation is all performed via plug in modules in the back of each cabinet so if you need to adjust these, you need access to the back of the cabinets.

Ethan Wetzell (EV):
Indeed I do lurk here, I just didn't want to jump in since Chuck was asking for independent reviews, and I may not be considered neutral when it comes to the matter.

To Dave's point about "doing homework", simply use the EVADA software to make your model and predictions in advance (as you should with any line array), and you're good to go: zip

Chad Costanzo:
I agree that they sounded great in the demo I heard as well and look great for the install market.  I actually have some spec'd in a quote right now and we will see if it happens and if it does I get to play with them and learn more.


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