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ADMIN: Tea Party thread


Doug Fowler:
I deleted it.  The OP is welcome to start a new thread.

Let me make something very clear:

From this moment forward, I will delete anything I feel violates board rules either in letter or spirit.

If anyone posts something pulling race or politics into an otherwise legitimate post, I will delete it as soon as I see and you will receive a public warning.

Do it again, and you are finished posting on these forums.  Don't even think about it.  If this arrangement is not satisfactory, your sole remedy is to not read and not post.  This is private property.

The same applies to the iPhone Insurance thread in the Basement.

-doug, PSW moderator

edit: after reading all the way through the iPhone insurance thread, let me say this:

These are _supposed_ to be a professional forums.

If you feel compelled to say "f**k you" to someone in a thread on these forums, do it if you must, but be aware you will be banned forever the instant I see it.

This is unacceptable.

Please understand I do not like strong-arm tactics, but it appears a simple posting and explanation of the rules is insufficient.


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