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Monitors placed on center cluster of subs

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Randall Cook:
Has anyone had any issues with placing monitors on top of center cluster of subs as to make more stage room?
I've tried it a couple times, but seem to get weird feedback issues.  I have my monitors cut off around 100.  Do you thing it's having issues with those frequencies that both the monitors and subs may be receiving?  I run my subs as "aux fed".  My vocals mics are not sent to the subs.

Any suggestions, as a lot of my venues would benefit from putting my monitors on the subs in front of the stage.

Thank you,

I generally use Audix OM5 or 7 for vocals mics.  I have the hi-pass turned on for those channels on the board (GL2800).

Mike Bamber:
Probably a coincidence- something to do with the proximity of subs to your mics?

Todd Cooke:
I also don't think it has anything to do with the placement on top of the subs.  However, If you have the monitors center stage splayed outwards or inwards towards the downstage mic positions, you are probably getting feedback off of the side of your downstage vocal mics.  Try switching to a super-cardioid mic like a beta 58, and see if that solves the problem. 

Rob Spence:
You might also consider raising the HP on the vocal mics unless you have a Basso Profundo. Most vocals don't get down very low.

Brad Harris:

--- Quote from: Randall Cook on March 09, 2011, 12:53:59 pm ---I've tried it a couple times, but seem to get weird feedback issues.MODIFY/ADD:

--- End quote ---

So what is your 'weird' feedback issues? ..... rather than suggesting things since we don't know what your problem is?


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