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SSE ProSight Line Array Inclinometer

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Bennett Prescott:
It is a necessity to have a decent inclinometer if you're hanging line arrays based on results from acoustic prediction software. To get your computed solution into the real world requires the array to be hung at the same height and angle as you have it in software. I am aware of only four purpose-built tools to accurately gauge line array tilt, and the SSE ProSight is largely regarded to be the king of the hill.

If it's so good, you'd expect to see it everywhere. Unfortunately, until recently they've been rather hard to get ahold of, and if you try and order them through some channels the prices quoted are absurd. I had one person from a major loudspeaker company that offers the ProSight as their OEM angle setting tool quote me almost $9,000 for a complete system. Considering that other solutions I know from experience to be perfectly serviceable cost about 1/6 of that, the ProSight had better come with a free line array at that price.

Fortunately, at nearly the same time I was hunting for inclinometers for my personal use, I was contacted by Randy Frierson, well known LABster. Randy's company, Concert Systems Production Group LLC, is now the exclusive US distributor for the SSE ProSight. I was asked by him to road test this device and happily agreed.

The ProSight package I received is apparently the standard, with two sending units (inclinometers with lasers), one receiver (with power, control, and all the math), and two 30m 6-pin XLR cables. First impressions indicate extremely sturdy build quality and very slick packaging.

The laser/inclinometer sending units store their calibration internally in non-volatile memory, and the inclinometer is accurate to better than 1/10 of a degree between +/- 30

Bennett Prescott:
I just got confirmation on this pricing.

SSE Audio Group ProSight system, one receiver, two senders, and 2x 30m cables, exactly the same as what I'm reviewing:
MSRP $3,995.
Pro audio price: $2,879.

Pro audio price is for a non stocking dealer who just wants one package.

Dealerships are available, contact Randy at CSPG.
[email protected]
Phone: (850) 308-5940

Franz Francis:
Looks very similar to the NEXO inclinometer both externally and internally, I am guessing NEXO's version is a rebadged SSE unit.


Bennett Prescott:
Franz Francis wrote on Tue, 02 March 2010 12:08
Looks very similar to the NEXO inclinometer both externally and internally, I am guessing NEXO's version is a rebadged SSE unit.

You would be correct. I have been made to understand that they are significantly more expensive from NEXO than from Randy here in the states.

Randy Frierson:
Pro Net price is $2,397.00

for Dealer Pricing contact


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