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Author Topic: 1 watt vs tri led fixtures  (Read 2422 times)

Neil Ottenbreit

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1 watt vs tri led fixtures
« on: February 15, 2010, 11:54:07 pm »

Hey Guys,

I had the opportunity to demo a 36x1 watt fixture and a 18x3 watt tri led fixture. I set the fixtures up in a local venue, hazed the room and compared the two.

These are both Chinese fixtures that a local is importing. The build quality is about the same as some of the better chinese stuff. Not great, but still good, especially considering the price. Standard dip switches on the back.

The 36x1 fixture did great greens, reds and blues and had a real nice defined beam. Still a soft edged wash fixture, but the beam looked real good, probably about 25 degrees or so. The cons of this fixture are there is a dim spot in the center of the beam. Even on the rgb colors you can see a bit of a shadow in the center of the beam.

The color mixing on this fixture is less than desirable as well. I was able to recreate some nice colors, but when color mixing the  dim spot in the center of the coverage area was more pronounced. The other issure with color mixing is there is a halo around the beam. I dont have an issue with a halo on the surface that the light is shining on, but you can see a distinct outline in the beam itself.

The other issue is the fixture looks like a lite-brite toy, even when viewed from a reasonable distance.

The 18x3 Tri LED was about the same in build quality, but it has a lcd display instead of DIP switches.

The color mixing on this fixture is top notch, even the white and yellows are usable. There also are no halos and from a distance it looks like a standard par can you dont get as much of a lite-brite effect.

The only draw back of this fixture is the beam is not defined at all. Even with a nice even haze it washes well, but there is very little beam effect.

Is this typical of the tri led fixtures or is it just this fixture. If I could find a fixture that had the defined beam of the 1 watt fixture with the color mixing of the tri led, I would be all over it.

Any thoughts
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