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Implementing a Monitor Mixer


Josh Hatton:
Hi all,
How would I incorporate a monitor mixer in my current rig?
I currently run everything at FOH and would love to have a monitor mixer at stage for bigger shows. Please advise to what is needed and what needs to be done.

Many Thanks!

Don Boone:
Just add mic splitters and mixer. Some repatching and you're done.


Tim Padrick:
The easiest way would be to use a MixWiz Monitor or a GL2800M (both Allen & Heath) as your monitor console, as these have a mic splitter built in.  Mic lines go to the monitor console, console split outs go to the main stage box.

(The Lounge would have been a better place for this question.)

Cory Sprenkle:
What are you currently running sound for?  How many channels?  How many mixes?  I don't think the question is detailed enough for a detailed response.  Sure a mix wizard is great but, if you have that many channels, I would not recommend bringing a monitor world into the mix.  It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  When I run a gig with monitor world, I use a splitter snake.  


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