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the little wedge that could

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Weogo Reed:
Hi Y'all,

For almost a year now I've been using a wedge with a 15" BMS 15C682 coax imported by Jack Arnott at Assistance Audio.
The box is from Assistance Audio's Live Sound Division, and only the components are available for purchase, not the boxes.

It has an excellent, low-loss, passive crossover designed by Curtis List "Too Tall".  
The crossover design comes with the coax, or Curtis can build crossovers for you.

The complete wedge weighs about 35#.  The 15" neo coax is about 11.5#, and the crossover is over 7#.
The box has a dual-angle design with 35 and 55 degree tilt angles.
The foam-backed stainless steel grill is a nice touch.

This wedge is a monster.
It goes quite loud on modest power.(Am regularly using a QSC CX404 for four monitor mixes, 250 watts/channel.)
I can put this wedge in front of deaf Louisiana Accordion players, bring it up and have them smile.
A local Mandolin player who is hard of hearing loves this box.  He plays with a pickup and a mic, and I can get lots of pickup AND mic in the wedge.
This wedge requires very little, if any EQ.

Coverage is fairly tight, but the 'sweet spot' of best sound isn't a tight bullet.
The wedge will cover two musicians who are close together.

The box is smaller, and much lighter, than some 12" wedges I have used.
Being passively crossed and only needing one amp channel also contributes to the lightweight theme.

For those looking for a high-clarity, high-output box in a compact, lightweight package, I suggest you consider this.

Continuing the BMS theme, I will soon have a pair of boxes with the 12" BMS 12CN680 coax from Jack Arnott,
crossovers designed by Curtis List,
boxes by John Halliburton.    cell:  847-971-0462
John's main objective is to help develop cabinet designs, prototype them, and then
offer production at a fully outfitted CNC shop he has been working with: WW Displays:

I'll report on these boxes after using them for a while. oaxial-transducers/bms-coaxial-neodymium-transducer/bms-12cn 680-coaxial-transducer/12cn680-coaxial-transducer-intro/

Thanks to Jack Arnott, Curtis List and John Halliburton for their commitment to high quality audio!

Good health,  Weogo Reed

Lee Brenkman:

You say that John Halliburton is designing the cabinets for the 12 inch coax monitors and it would appear that the same folks who fabricate JTS speaker cabinets will build them.


Who designed the boxes for your 15 inch monitors and where did you get the cabinets made?


Grant Conklin:
Do you have any pics of the monitors?

John Halliburton:
Grant Conklin wrote on Thu, 14 January 2010 20:49
Do you have any pics of the monitors?

I took some of the new 12" protoype shipping to Weogo:

A bit of a detail view at a 3/4 angle.  Speakons on both ends, dual angle for sitting or standing performers, pole cup for use as a small main speaker, and the single large metal edge mounted handle.  A metal grill can be mounted on the front, and it will have a gentle arc.

It's a compact little brute, and surprised me with the warm low end response.  It does have a great midrange characteristic that should make it very nice for a monitor.

There are two of them shipping out tomorrow to Weogo for beta testing.  

Best regards,


Weogo Reed:
Hi Lee and Grant,

The 15" is in a short-run box from Jack Arnott at Assistance Audio.

I need a place to post pics....
Can snap them and e-mail to anybody interested.

weogoreed at bellsouth dot net

Thanks and good health,  Weogo


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