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Cheap stuff...


luis Markson:
I've been asked if this stuff is useable...

Anyone had any experiences with them?

My guess would be run for the hills, but it will only get used used once a fortnight so maybe it would be ok... He's planning on 24 of the cans.

From what I understand they will be used for static scenes that will change subtly for each song. I'm a sound op but will probably get stuck operating it. I've only ever used a Jands HOG.... (and I'm colour blind....)

duane massey:
No experience w/ specific brand, but a lot of these "knock-offs" are floating around. I'd run like hell from the controller (useless for any serious LED system, for starters), and the fixtures are definitely disposable.

I'd wait until you can afford some better gear.

James Feenstra:
like with anything in life, you get what you pay for

I'd suspect you'd have to replace at least 1/3 of the cans after a month because they'd stop working, and that 'controller' would probably bite the bullet within 6 weeks


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