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Author Topic: adavantage?  (Read 18262 times)

Mac Kerr

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Re: advantage?
« Reply #60 on: March 01, 2010, 10:42:22 pm »

Nathan Short wrote on Mon, 01 March 2010 22:06

You know JR  that brings up a great point, there might be some odd impedance problem at both ends of the audio spectrum.  I am gonna hook up my woofer tester and run an impedance sweep on both of the bucket loads.  I am pretty sure I tried both channels on of most of the amps on both dummy loads, but as I was taking mostly averages, when the amplifiers put out within 6v +or-  I was pretty happy.  That is why the 81v>60v was the one that really got me worried.

It might help to stop thinking in terms of volts and start thinking in terms of dB. While the difference between 60V and 81V looks like a lot of volts, it is only 2.5dB.

You don't need to test both bucket loads, you need to use just one of them so you have the same test jig on each channel, and measure the voltage at the input to the amp, as well as the voltage at the output of the amp. Having 2 signal paths in the test just adds another variable. The test of each channel needs to be exactly the same as the other. Since your area of interest is what is happening just before and after clipping ensues you should probably record the results with several voltages before and after the clip light comes on so you can see where the voltage gain between input and output varies from the published spec of 36dB.

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