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Midas PRO6 Training Courses

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Jason P Kelly:
Hi Tim,

Midas Consoles North America are working to add more dates around the US. I know Chicago and Florida are being discussed. As soon as dates are confirmed I will post them here and obviously on the Midas website etc.

We'll try and make it sooner rather than later!

Happy New Year to you too,

All the best,

Jason Kelly

Nils SK Erickson:
+1 for a west coast date... It doesn't get any nicer than San Fran

Jason P Kelly:
Hi Guys,

I'm happy to announce some new PRO Series Training Courses being held later this month. For full details please go to the Midas website:

California Training Courses:
21st-22nd February: Disneyland, Anaheim
24th-25th February: Camarillo, California
For further details please contact:

Auckland Training Courses:
24th-25th February: Life Church, Auckland, New Zealand
For further details please contact:

Thanks for your time.

Bennett Prescott:
I took the course in Manhattan with Jason and it was excellent. VERY impressed with the consoles. My review is here: ole-Training

Jason Kelly:
Dear All,

We will be adding some more Kidderminster based training dates up on the website in the next day or so.

Full details will be posted here:

Dates will be:
19th April CMDU
20th April CMDU
4th-5th May CMDSE
17th May CMDU
18th May CMDU
1st-2nd June CMDSE
14th June CMDU
15th June CMDU

Many thanks,

Jason Kelly


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