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Author Topic: USB DMX lighting controll Wirelessly?  (Read 4496 times)

Adam Whetham

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Re: USB DMX lighting controll Wirelessly?
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2009, 12:31:14 am »

James Feenstra wrote on Wed, 25 November 2009 14:45

If that elation unit can accept midi program changes then you could also send scene changes directly from the o1v by switching scenes but putting all your channels into recall safe so it doesn't change your mix

Thats a damn good idea... I'll have to look into that! Thanks for the thought!
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Scott Raymond

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Re: USB DMX lighting controll Wirelessly?
« Reply #11 on: December 05, 2009, 12:21:22 pm »

Adam Whetham wrote on Sun, 22 November 2009 21:23

Well I do sound and lights for a band. My 01v I'm getting set up with a Tablet So for the wedding gigs i'm doing I can be out front. with a small footprint (They don't want "stuff" out front that will ruin the look for them. You know how it goes)

What i'm wondering is if I can also throw a USB DMX interface onto the wireless network and if anyone has done this with any form of software. So with my tablet before songs I can just switch to a different preset, or set up hotkeys with my tablet to do certain things also.

Just wondering about latency with that.

I'm not sure if my Silex interface will let me put a USB hub on it (I think it would) so both the sound board and DMX interface would show up.

Not sure about the Silex and a USB hub but I just tried Hog3PC out using the Lantronix USB unit.  Just plugged the USB widget into the Lantronix which went to the wireless router LAN.  Fired it up, connected to the widget when the software found it, started Hog3PC and was in business.  Haven't done any kind of show on it, just used it this way as a remote focus "thing" but everything seemed to work just fine.  I'd have to try it a lot more before I'd trust it for any kind of show but it didn't seem subject to the offline problems I've seen with the Yamaha consoles.
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