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Singapore F1 Rocks...Anyone know what happened?

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Jonathan 'JP' Peirce:
Apparently PA went completely dead during No Doubts set?

Jephry Cheong:
The organizer has reported a power trip on the sound system

Jonathan 'JP' Peirce:
I would think that at this level, they should have been prepared for that. They certainly are prepared if the LIGHTS go out!

Randy Frierson:
be careful JP i wanted more info on a like subject and got roasted...I still feel at this level of performer things like this should never happen, i know it does but usually Not...R

Tim McCulloch:

The reason you got roasted is because you went after the audio provider with pitchforks and torches.

At some point a provider is not in control of what a venue or promoter employee does.  That's what happened at Sturgis, and if the guy signing my check tells his electrician to use our power I presume he understands the implications of such an order.  If I were aware of such a thing, I'd complain about it but in the end the client is in charge of his venue.

Lawsuits and demands for ticket refunds will be what ends this kind of electrical silliness.

Have fun, good luck.

Tim Mc


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