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d&b vs Vdosc

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jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney):
looking for some input

Vdosc Vs J8

if you have experience please chime in

12 per side hang / 24 subs (b2 d&b)

dvdosc vs q1 for infills

Thomas Hester:
just did a show with 12 Js and 9 jsubs a side, 14 b2s on the ground, and a bunch of qs for fills. nothing but good things to say from all the BEs, in fact, almost all of them said "i always have a good show with this stuff" i know this does not compare the two, but as far as im concerned the Js are much more musical and the rigging is very simple

Michael Strickland:
Sheesh, this is like deciding between a Ferarri and a Lamborghini! Pick whichever one you can get a better deal on, and that you can cross rent with within a few hundred miles. Amp rack compatibility with your other systems might be a factor as well.

Though, for a big boy from L Acoustics, I'd wait for them to officially put the K1 on the market. I'm not even sure they sell the original V Dosc to new clients anymore. K1 is smaller, lighter, louder, better...

Charlotte Evans:
Gosh that's a bit of a toughie, both systems leave me with a big grin but I suppose if push comes to shove...the J Series wins on low end punch.
Still haven't heard the K1 though....

Nick Boulton:
Make sure you remember that the V-Dosc system is nearly 20 years old (although there have been numerous improvements made in that time).

But in the little experience I've had of both systems, the rigging on the J series is nicer and faster, the sound is nicer, and I believe the box itself is a little louder.

With the V-Dosc, you don't have to use the L'acoustics branded amplification and processing (the last time I used them they were powered by Lab Gruppens with Dolby Lake processors) whereas you have to use the D12 amplifiers with the J series. You can also pick up V-Dosc second hand which I haven't seen happen with J Series yet.

Q series also has nicer rigging than the dV-Dosc, it's mostly integral, so no need to carry around so many easy to lose pins.


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