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Telefunken M80 Hand-Held Vocal Microphone

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Had a band show up recently where the lead singer used an M80.  Band had it's own engineers.  The vocals through the monitors sounded great.  I was only able to hear it during a very brief sound check and through the cue wedge but thought the mic sounded very nice there.  The ME used death to 100...A comment earlier in the post about a lot of low end may have accounted for that.  There was also a bit of a cut at 200 but no other significant cuts in the monitor EQ that I can remember.  

I have no comment on the sound through front of house as the BE hacked his EQ WAAAYYYYY too much to get get any realistic feeling for the true posibilities of how the mic could have sounded.  That's what happens when you mix with your eye attached to the computer screen rather than using your ears that are so conveniently attached to your head.

John Chiara:
The M80 is a great mic. As I may have stated before, it sounds good on about 80% of the voices I try it on. One exception is a local blues singer..kind of a throaty and full voice..for some reason the M80 makes his voice sound shrill and again last week in a small club..back to the Heil PR35.....stellar.


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