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Author Topic: L.A.M. Post 2009  (Read 774 times)

Marlon Brown

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L.A.M. Post 2009
« on: May 23, 2009, 01:26:15 am »

hey im livin in Jamaica an to get my hands on a set up like this is nearly impossible unless you plan to build one your self which is what i want to do. do you have any detailed plans of this setup. would really appreciate it. thanks regards

Here is a link to the original thread
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Jordan Wolf

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Re: L.A.M.Post project finished
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2009, 01:38:22 am »


You'll get more responses if you use your Full Name in the Alis field in your profile.

Plus, it's a rule of the forum...(look towards the top of the screen).

People on this forum are very eager to help and give advice.  I wish you luck on your endeavor(s).

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Nimrod Webber

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Re: L.A.M.Post project finished
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2009, 09:07:13 am »

Hi Marlon (and welcome...)

Sorry, I don't have a complete/detailed set of fabrication or assembly plans for this project.

I have some CAD drawings I did at the time for the sake of design, various calculations
and integration validation and confirmation but most are not properly laid out, detailed and/or labeled.
The better drawings are only those I did for parts I ordered outside (such as the raw bent aluminum parts).

The design is based on standard Global Truss 290mm triangle truss units but there is a lot of precise,
meticulous and professional workmanship in all the other custom parts and attached assemblies.

Making the custom parts was easy and straight forward for me as I had the right tools, knowhow and hands 'in house'.
I was fortunate to have a nice metal maintenance workshop to my disposal with all the necessary machines, including
a lathe that was needed for some parts.    
The only issues I had to out source were the thick aluminum bending and some aluminum welding.

In these conditions, and being the designer as well as the fabricator of the relevant L.A.M.Post parts,
I didn't need to elaborate the drawings too much. Some details or ideas just moved directly from my head to my hands…

Making readable and workable detailed plans of this project (with the obvious disclaimer) is something I don't have the time for right now.
However I do have additional pictures (to those posted) that I can upload if you want.

If you need any more/other info or details please feel free to ask.

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