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APB Pro Desk 4

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Jason Dermer:
We just fired the first shots in anger on a brand new APB Prodesk 4, with my lead "young dude" Joe V. at the helm. So far so good, 22 out of 24 bands to go before the night is over.

2 VRX932LA DP over 4 VRX918DP
DBX and TC outboard
Shure and Audix mics
APB Prodesk 4 32 frame (this system usually goes out with a GB4)

Initial impression:
So this is what this system really sounds like. The difference with just playback wasn't much, but once 20 channels are summed there is just no comparison.Granted, the console is several  steps up in cost and market, but it sounds like we took a tarp off of the mains.
More later...

Bennett Prescott:
I picked this desk up at APB Headquarters in Totowa, NJ on Thursday and delivered it to Jason's shop for subsequent beating up, handing around, and testing. I took some photos I thought you all might find interesting.

Bennett Prescott:

Bennett Prescott:

Bennett Prescott:


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