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Author Topic: LS608 power requirments for dj work  (Read 13036 times)

Glenn Williams

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Re: LS608 power requirements for dj work-Tolerances
« Reply #30 on: February 21, 2009, 08:46:54 am »

For the record....There is no available measurement for a recent production,(read B&C woofer), LS608.

The original woofer in the ES608 was the RCF L18P540, which was superseded with the RCF L18Y800, which was in turn superseded with the B&C manufactured Yorkville 18/029. The xmax on the last two are close to 9 mm each.

I am the individual who has the never before published ES608 chart which was MEASURED in 1/2 space.

I cannot publish a copy of that chart under any circumstances.

I have the test charts for the LS1208,LS808,USCI, and the TX9 MEASURED in 1/2 space, outside sitting on concrete, free of additional reflection. Those were previously published by another poster on this site.

The measured response of the ES608 is reasonably close to the what young Justin has described, since he got the description from me.

With regards to the well respected and clinically formidable JTR Growler, it should be noted that the efficiency of the ES608 does eclipse the Growler at all frequencies above 43 hz where it is 97 db 1w/1m and just over 101 db 1w/1m at 45 hz. The frequency response from 47 hz to 140 hz averages 103 db 1w/1m, with a dip of 2.5 db at 84 hz. There is a plus 2 db hump at 97 hz.

The JTR Growler is a beautifully engineered horn with a very linear output that could best be described as HiFi. In short it is a fabulous product,IMHO.
This comparison from my point of view, only addresses output efficiencies and not sonic characteristics, which include accuracy.

That said,the ES608 is more efficient.

Further to that, I have no reason not to believe, that the recent production LS608 will produce a measured maximum output similar to the smaarted results of the measured LS808 numbers published by Mr.Douglas Allen.(Given the same input of 900 watts)

(Albeit reduced by some 2-3 db considering the slightly less efficient "Quasi Horn" loading of the same woofer in comparison to the Bill Wood's "Dual Tuned Resonator").

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