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Bennett Prescott:

Do you think that you could maintain a less-in-depth Wikipedia entry, too? There could be a link to your site in the supporting material, but that's the first place I always look when I want information.

Chimene Stewart:

I'm the PR Manager at Meyer Sound and would be happy to help you as well with this project in any way I can.  Please let me know what you're looking for or need and I'll do all I can to help.


Chimene Stewart
PR Manager, Meyer Sound

Larry Robbins:
The Second from the bottom pic is definitely Hanley gear and the guy on the right without shirt is Sam Baroda.  The Stadium Bleachers and the big front loaded bass cab and HF horn probably make it another gig.  I remember doing a Yankee stadium gig with Hanley using similar speakers in the mid 60's.

Doug Fowler:
Larry - Thanks for the info, and thanks for the PM.

Everyone: let's hold whatever info we have, or have access to, until I can get it up and running.

I am open to suggestions re: format for documenting this thing.

A Wiki might be very useful.

Ideas?  I think there should be a timeline, at the very least.

Doug Fowler:
I will make this a dot org site.  Dot com and dot net will redirect to dot org at some point.

fwiw (not much) is the domain....


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