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Author Topic: Digico SD9 and D-rack communication protocol  (Read 14140 times)

Minka Matikainen

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Re: Digico SD9 and D-rack communication protocol
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2011, 01:07:20 pm »

This is my understanding also.

This is copied from a Digico technical note about the RJ45 cabling in SD9:

"Communications Protocol Note
The Digico connection used for the D-Rack and SD9 console is a proprietary protocol designed to
operate with specific types of Cat 5e cables.
It is NOT compatible in any way Ethernet (as normally used for computer networks) and no
attempt should be made to combine D-Rack signals with Ethernet signals, for example in an
Ethernet switch."

later in the document:

"As noted above, the D-Rack does not use Ethernet. No attempt should be made for connection
via Ethernet hubs, switches, repeaters etc." 

Many people have bought the system with D-rack since it's cheap but the use of SD9+D-rack is severely limited for many applications because of this cabling limitation. But with the onboard MADI connection  SD9 can be connected to any other Digico rack with it so I think Digico has done their part. And I think there's optional fiber optic i/o card available as well.

OK. This confirms my doubts and thoughts and I think the only viable option is to "fly" the cable... It is a hassle to do so, but for sure I'm happy it is not a 32/16 copper multicore  8).

What comes to limitations for the cable length, I haven't ever had a situation that I would have been needing more than some 70m (210ft?) of cable between my console and stage box... This could be in some special application a thing that's needed, but I've been alway happy with less than 70m (210ft?) myself.

95% of touring is work, and if you're lucky that 5% of the time is working with gear that are in good shape and according to rider...

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Re: Digico SD9 and D-rack communication protocol
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2011, 01:07:20 pm »

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