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Author Topic: Help me finalize this BALUN AV design?  (Read 2107 times)

Rain Jaudon

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Help me finalize this BALUN AV design?
« on: November 17, 2008, 11:55:49 pm »

Have this to work with:

Video coming from a single PTZ camera in the Sanctuary.  
(help me pick an architecturally friendly camera?)
Needs to give a  quality image from 75' away in a well lit Sanctuary.

Camera then goes to the controller at FOH.
(maybe this one? ) d=3690&item=VADDIO%20-%20WALLVIEW%20100PTZ%20KIT

Controller will then send the video signal to a DVD-R for archiving sermons.  And also split the Video to a BALUN.
(AV Balun)
FOH Console Roland V-400

From FOH, its 100' to the first storage room where I could put a distribution box.  (can you do this with Audio/Video over Cat5?)
(green square on the blueprint linked earlier)
From there I need to send the signal to a pair of TVs a room away.

The signal also needs to continue another 60-70' to a janitors closet where another splitter could be placed.(lower green square)
Here it breaks off to a series of 3 very large LCDs in the Community Room, a small one in the kitchen, and a small one in the next building (Rectory).

How do I pull this off with a great quality picture?


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Karl P(eterson)

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Re: Help me finalize this BALUN AV design?
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 10:16:25 am »

Well the secret, as anyone will tell you, to great looking video (or lighting or audio) is for a great looking source.

In your particular case I think that the vaddio products are not a bad choice but I would probably select a few different of their parts.

I would probably pick up their precision panel

With a CCU appropriate for the camera.

Use one of their better cameras like a WallViewPro 300 that is component with selectable 16x9 operation.

Then take the yuv output and split it between a good dvd recorder and a small TVOne scalar to bump it up to wxga, or whatever your plasmas want.

(It doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles but the DataVideo MP-6000 is not only cost effective but has balanced audio inputs, all controls on the front panel, and component inputs as well.

Take the output of your TVOne and send it down a good balun system with available daisy chain outoput (magenta research is one you should pay attention to)

With the distances involved here I would only use a single splitter box where you penciled in your first one.

From their take one run to the nursery/music screens, one run to the community room, and another one that hip hops to the kitchen then rectory.

Now, if it were me, with the people I normally work with and I had that space to work on, I would pull home run wires. Two home run wires from every single one of your TV's back to B107 and 4 to 6 tie lines from the A/V patching area in the auditorium tech space to this patch area in B107. That way I could do whatever I want whether it be sending audio down twisted pair baluns later, or even discrete ethernet enabled digital signage players at each screen with an IP based scheduling controller to turn them all off and on.

That being said, the actual chances of them needing that is better left to your discretion.

Karl P
TeamLeader.Technical Systems - CCH
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