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Author Topic: Interesting Installation project  (Read 3387 times)

Jerry Turnbow

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Re: Interesting Installation project
« Reply #10 on: November 09, 2008, 07:44:18 pm »

Paul Drenth wrote on Fri, 07 November 2008 12:03

I am only a grasshopper compared to most on here, so this is just as much of a question as it is a suggestion.

Would a transformer isolated mic splitter be a good solution for flexibility regardless of the gear the "talent" brings? This way you can still get all the necessary inputs to your distributed system even if the band brings gear without line outs for you to use. Maybe not ideal, but we live in a world of compromise.

Of course this raises many questions regarding mixing inputs through your system, when the band does not. But I would look at it as supporting or supplementary, rather than two mixes for one band.

If you must use choir mics, consider the inherent issues with feedback, placement, and most importantly; proximity effect. Two options that I have used with decent results on choirs are the Neumann KM 184, and the Earthworks C30. However, forget the Neumann. Drop it once and it's history. The Earthworks periscope mic stays where you aim it, and sounds surprisingly good. They are also fairly durable.

Paul -

Thanks for your input!  I'll check out the Earthworks C30.  It appears to be similar to another hanging condensor that I'm looking at.

Feedback won't be an issue here.  The closest speaker that will be fed by this setup will be approximately 50' away (looks like the client will be going with the "mushroom" style outdoor speakers, which others have recommended here as well.

I also learned that he has the budget to do things right, so all the inputs will run back to a centrally-located matrix processor. I will, however, put a decent direct box at the stage for the line-out connection to the band du jour's PA to allow for balancing the line, ground lift, and pad capabilities.

Take care!
- Jerry Turnbow (aka 'Mako')

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