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Fluorecents on dimmers?

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David Allred:
As i said in the linked thread, even if the channel has a "switch "mode, unless is completely bypasses the SCR's then the current flow is not truely compatible.
I only have an old Sunnspot dimmer, so my plan is to buy a standard 10 amp AC relay and socket for each channel I need.   Let the dimmer trigger the relay and pass current from the wall outlet. 2 male plugs (one for dimmer, one for wall, 1 recepticle (female cable end), and 1 relay & socket would cost $15-$20.  Smaller capacity relays would be less.  Solid state would be less, but can induce noise. 
The method of packaging or safety measures taken would add cost depending....  For my needs, I would likely use electrical tape to cover exposed contacts and put it in an empty plastic tote (or similar).


Richard Turner:
I have a few such devices

a deep range plug box is mostly large enough, has knockout holes,
square covers are readily available and easy  to attach a small clamp for mounting on truss


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