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TRRS output from Apple Iphone 4

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Tim Brackett:
 I have a Plam Pre and the silent switch will silence the ringer in the headphone jack but not silence pandora or other media audio output.  There might be a way to do this with the iphone.  The issue I have though is that Verizon is my carrier and their network does not support phone calls and internet at the same time.  When I get a call I don't hear the ring through the PA but internet streaming will stop.  This will happen with the iphone if you get one from Verizon. 
  I don't often use my phone for music playback through the PA but it does come in handy in a pinch.  One trick I have found is that if your phone is connected to the console you can always PFL that channel and be able to hear a call through the cans during a loud set. 

Dave Bigelow:
Putting the phone on silent (vibration only mode) doesn't fix the ringing through the PA along with keeping the 3G connection?

Justin Bartlett:

--- Quote from: Thomas Lamb on January 09, 2011, 08:47:48 PM ---I even have some that are Trs 1/8 to Xlr that work well I keep them in the doghouse of consoles that don't have any 1/4" inputs.

--- End quote ---
Just be careful about phantom power...your phone could have a bad day.

Kurt Stephens:
Good info!

Crazy that apple chooses yellow as video.

Rory Maguire:
Somewhat related...

I had an interesting thing happen the other day. During a festival, had a group show up to do a dance and their only playback format was an iphone. Thought sweet, popped it on aeroplane mode and thought nothing of it...

Halfway through their track the iphone skips to the next track... Apparently there is quite a volume different from Miles Davis to Metillica... Gave me a hell of a fright.

On further investigation, iphones will play back as much of a corrupt wav file as they can, and when they can no longer, they skip to the next track!!

You learn something new each day...!


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