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Midi Controller Controller


Įrni F. Siguršsson:
Hi there, the local concert hall I'm working at is getting a Elation Scenesetter 24.

I was looking at the manual and it has a MIDI input, and from what I understand I can control the scenesetter with a MIDI signal.

From that, I'm thinking that I basicly have a MIDI -> DMX converter.

Now the Scenesetter should work just fine for It's regular use (12ch of dimmers and 4 LED Pars), But if I ever get some scanners og moving heads (which can happen every once in a while) I'm thinking the scenesetter wouldn't be all that great to control a moving head.

But, having a Midi->DMX converter, I should be able to use a computer with a MIDI output right ?

Now the question is, Is there any software (pc or mac, preferably mac) I could be running that outputs DMX as a MIDI signal, so I could have more advanced controls of the scans/moving heads (since only faders aren't the best way to control scans) ?
The software preferably has to have a trial (or be free), since I'm not buying it if I can't use it or don't like it.

btw. correct me if I'm thinking this the wrong way

Stephane Desormeaux:
Actually, the Midi input will only trigger the functions of the scene setter. And not all of them I may add. Look at the scene setter manual, and at the end of the manual, the midi notes that control the board are listed. They are midi notes also, so many foot controls (midi channels, etc....) won't work. The dmx software will (I'm pretty sure of this) not control any dmx through the scene setter.

The scene setter in only 24 channels, so that's your max number of channels. However, with fade time, hold times, speed, etc..... you can program some very decent moving lights patterns.


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