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Road Restaurant Listings - By City - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Mike Babcock:
Jon Martin wrote on Sat, 21 June 2008 22:31
In the new thread that I'm going to start "PLACES TO EAT NEAR VENUES" please do not argue over "who started what food dish and which region is better... who's BBQ is better... what is Sweet Tea"...Please. The point of this thread (which will be started anew) is to have a reference to "Food and Drink" that, ideally, is within walking distance from the various venues that one would encounter on tour.

Bon Appetit.  

There's not a whole lot on there for the states, but...

A friend of mine used to have a site called but that appears to no longer exist.

Mac Kerr:
I am creating this thread to move Trip's restaurant thread to the LAB. If you are going to add a listing, please put the city and/or venue in the subject line so it is easy to find a particular venue. If you are adding to a city, please respond to the thread about that city so the city thread stays together.

Non-complying posts will be removed.

This is not a discussion thread. It is a resource thread.

We will try to work out a better system if this takes off.


Mac Kerr:
I'm moving this to the LAB, we'll see how it works.


Will Lane:
Raleigh, NC

#1 42nd Street Oyster Bar
This is about as good as it gets for seafood that isn't right on the coast.  Located in downtown.

#2 Amedeo's Italian Cuisine
Pretty good place, I'm not so big on Italian, but alot of people I know love it.  Located near I440 and NCSU.

I would add a few:

Raleigh Times
Small menu, but everything on there is excellent.  Walking distance from Lincoln Theater, The Pour House, Progress Center (and soon to be the convention center) if that's where your gig is.  Kitchen stays open until 2am.  Excellent as a watering hole too.
14 E. Hargett St., 919-833-0999

Almost all sandwich and salad menu, but it's classier food than that would suggest.  Located in the middle of one of the main drags.
320 1/2 Glenwood Ave., (919) 821-9020

Oak City Cafe
Authentic Cuban and Argentinian.  Only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday.  Lunch M-Sa.  It's small, so I wouldn't go with a big group but it's good eats.  Not too far from downtown gigs, more like a 15 min walk.  Two blocks north of Moore's Square if you're gig is there.
300 E Edenton St, (919) 828-5994

Irregarless Cafe
If you're trying to spend more than your PD.
901 W. Morgan St., (919) 833-8898

Authentic Lebanese/Mediterranean+ grocery.  You can order by weight if you're looking for some good road food and have a place to keep it.  
3817 Beryl Road (turn at the road by Waffle house (not on the list) take an immdiate left, 300 yds. down the road on the left),  iffy on their English, but (919) 828-1628


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