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Road Restaurant Listings - By City - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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A Man:
Mac Kerr wrote on Fri, 04 July 2008 14:40
I am creating this thread to move Trip's restaurant thread to the LAB. If you are going to add a listing, please put the city and/or venue in the subject line so it is easy to find a particular venue. If you are adding to a city, please respond to the thread about that city so the city thread stays together.

Non-complying posts will be removed.

This is not a discussion thread. It is a resource thread.

We will try to work out a better system if this takes off.


How about a Restaurant Listing based around the usual venues and hotels that we encounter while on tour?
I think it would be good to have a little database to reference when looking for grub within radio distance to the venue or hotel...

The Weber Grill Restaurant - Chicago. Just down the street from House of Blues @ the Hilton Garden Inn. There is also one in Indianapolis near the RCA Dome.

I go for the Black and Blue Burger or the Beer Can Chicken. The Baked Onion Soup is nice in the winter too.. l

Jack's BBQ - Nashville. Across from the Sommet Center on Broadway.

Try the Tennessee Pork Shoulder, St. Louis Style Pork Ribs or Texas Beef Brisket w/ Mac-n-Cheese and Corn....and they have SWEET TEA ! (always a bonus for us southern boys!)

The Irish Times - Worcester MA. Across from the Palladium.

Usual pub grub. The Bangers and Mashed is good as is the Fish-n-Chips and Shepherd’s Pie.

Eat before your show though, it turns into a dance club / college bar late night.

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin - Dallas in Deep Ellum.

Try the Diablo Tempestuous with shrimp. (HOT!)

Guy Nix:
Albuquerque, NM (& surrounding areas)

Porky's Pride Real Pit BBQ

If any Labster's are ever anywhere near the Albuquerque metro area, we will be happy to get some good BBQ to you!

Would be great to meet any of you guys that get out this way too.


To be clear, I own both of the Porky's Pride BBQ locations here in Albuquerque. So, wether your venue is nearby or not, most of the time, I will make sure you get some food delivered. Plus, LIke I said, it would be great to meet some of you guys as you come thru. And, even you locals! (David lol)

So if your coming thru, or have any questions, PM me and I'll get you covered.
We are breakfast, lunch & dinner by the way.

And Mac, if this breaks any rules of advertising, because I own the business, feel free to delete.

John Roberts {JR}:
Yo, Jon... good concept.. IMO for this to be accessible it needs to be maybe a sticky in basement or maybe on the LAB, this seems more important than all the line array poop.

The Posts need to be "by City" , different city, different post. The title could even contain high lights to make scanning easier.

Lurkers could look for most recent posts as being most recent. and all posts for one city would be self organized under each other...

Reply to a different city post to add new restaurants, use quote to add comments or offer different opinions.

I can offer that if driving through Hickory, keep the pedal to the medal... Jeans Red Door in lost gap (west of Meridian)  doesn't suck for cue.


Mike Babcock:
Well, actually in Waukesha which is a short drive away and definitely out of radio range from any real venues, but something everyone should taste. It's about a 15 minute drive from the Rave (non rush hour). The best directions I ever heard was when Slayer was playing the Waukesha Expo Center and the commercial said "South of Heaven? No, it's west of Milwaukee"

Jimmy's Grotto on Main St in Waukesha.
While it appears to be a standard mom and pop pizza joint, they have something called a Ponzarotta. Basically if you take a pizza and fold it in half, similar to a calzone, and then deep fry it instead of baking it, you get the concept. I've had the phone number memorized for 20 years and never make a trip home without ordering a few. They deliver, but I don't know how far they deliver to.
This would be walking distance if you did riverfest in frame park, the jazz series in cutler park. In delivery range if you're playing anywhere in the city of Waukesha including the waukesha county fairgrounds. Takes about an hour and a half for delivery.

Edited out unnecessary comments and added in what venues it is close to.

A Man:
In the new thread that I'm going to start "PLACES TO EAT NEAR VENUES" please do not argue over "who started what food dish and which region is better... who's BBQ is better... what is Sweet Tea"...Please. The point of this thread (which will be started anew) is to have a reference to "Food and Drink" that, ideally, is within walking distance from the various venues that one would encounter on tour.

Bon Appetit.  


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