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Author Topic: Time to "mark all unread forum messages read"  (Read 1726 times)

John Schmidt

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Time to "mark all unread forum messages read"
« on: June 06, 2008, 08:35:44 pm »

For as long as I can remember, the time to perform the above function has varied widely, and I'm just curious as to why.

Say that I enter a forum, and there might be 30 threads marked as containing new messages. I may catch up on 10 - 15 of them, but don't look at the rest because they're not subjects I'm following. So I then click the "mark all unread forum messages read" link, and sometimes, it instantly marks them and returns me to the top of the last thread I read, while other times it might take as long as 20 - 30 seconds to do exactly the same thing.

It makes no difference if it only has to mark 4 unread threads or 40 unread threads as read. Sometimes it's blazingly fast, and other times, there's an interminable wait. It might take 20 seconds to mark 4 messages as read, and the next time, will mark 30 threads as read almost instantly.

This happens regardless of the computer or location I'm at, OS, etc. It's really inconsistent. Generally, connection speeds are between 6 mbit - 10 mbit per second.

'Just curious as to why this happens.


Ernie Black

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Re: Time to "mark all unread forum messages read"
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2008, 01:52:58 pm »

There are all sorts of possible answers stemming from a wide array of factors, from how many jumps there are between your location and the server and how long any of those hops take (run a trace route to find out), to how much activity is on the board at that moment and therefore how many child processes are running in MySQL at the time. To see how long it took the server to generate the results, look at the bottome of the forum:

Total time taken to generate the page: 0.01144 seconds

Amazing world we inhabit, where a delay of 20 seconds is considered "long"!!
Ernie Black, Code Warrior
ProSoundWeb Forums Webmaster
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