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New Rules about Post Bumping


Craig Leerman:
We have some new rules about how and when you can bump your posts here on the marketplace.

You are only allowed a maximum of 2 bumps per post, and you must wait a week between bumps, and a week after the last post by the OP before a bump. Just because you have not previously "bumped" your post, you may not bump less than a week after you last post.

In addition, you are not allowed to repost items in a new thread, just to get around the bumping restrictions. You will have to wait at least 2 weeks from your last bump on a post before you are allowed to repost  for the same goods or services.

Also, many folks have asked that we make it mandatory that you post your location in For Sale posts, so they can figure out shipping costs, freight charges, pick up, etc. Its not mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you include your location in any For sale ads you place.  Including your ZIP CODE is even better!

New posters please read the complete rules at the top of th page.

As always, thanks for shopping at PSW!



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