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 on: Today at 12:36:09 am 
Started by Nathan Morefield - Last post by Jeff Bankston
I use 12" for mids(130hz and higher). 15" or 18" for woofers(130hz and lower).

 on: Yesterday at 11:05:00 pm 
Started by Nathan Morefield - Last post by Mal Brown
Personally I like modularity.  I would look at the compact 12 based QSC sub and leave it home when not needed.

 on: Yesterday at 10:33:30 pm 
Started by Nathan Morefield - Last post by Eric Snodgrass
The EV ZLX-12P cabinets come with onboard DSP.  If you haven't already played around with different settings on this DSP, try the MUSIC preset and POLE position preset.  The MUSIC preset will extend the low-end frequency response of the speaker without overly hyping it (unlike the CLUB preset, which IMO does overhype the bass response).  The POLE position preset will not roll off any low-end frequencies (the BRACKET and MONITOR position presets do roll off low-end to compensate for the speakers proximity to either the wall or floor). 
Setting the speaker in this configuration should give you enough in the low frequencies to give a good mix when bass and kick are added.  I do concur with Chris that adding a subwoofer when you think it is needed is a good idea.  Run it on an aux at unity and just dial in the bass and kick. 
If you are hankering to make a speaker change, you could sell the ZLX 12Ps and upgrade to the EV EKX-12Ps, which are a wooden box, 1500w, and just sound better (IMO, based on a side-by-side comparison I did).  They have a smoother response and don't distort when really pushed, unlike the ZLX. 

 on: Yesterday at 10:29:59 pm 
Started by Al Poulin - Last post by Al Poulin
Agreed. Though the EF`s construction and materials appear to be very well suited to endure some serious road abuse, a plus for rental houses, an aspect that any of the Yamahas are not particularly well suited for, IMO.
Fact, Yamaha and QSC warranties are 3x length w/registration, distributor or service centers.

FWIW, note that the EF12P is double the wattage and HF size (3"), 3" LF VC, 17 lbs heavier (59 lbs),
$280 U.S. street additional, for one hz lower (47), and two db higher (131 peak), @ $150 U.S. over the EF10P
street price seems even less a value in comparison, on paper.

Possibly view & demo @ NAMM.

Congrats Al and happy ROI.  :)

Yeah, I wish Yorkville would at least double their warranty, but here in Canada, you can add years of warranty (Long & Mcquade) for a very low price. I personally preferred the EF10P over the EF12Ps which I reviewed last year. They just sound better to me overall, and the Club mode is better done as well as it sounded like a muddy mess on the EF12Ps. Compared to the E10P which I've never oficially reviewed but did test a few times, the EF10Ps sound WAY better, go WAY deeper and simply feel like a quality box to me.

 on: Yesterday at 10:25:43 pm 
Started by Al Poulin - Last post by Al Poulin
I was a big fan of the Yorkville Elite passive cabs going back 20 years ago, but it seems like over the years the pricing has gone up relative to other brands and therefore the overall value has gone down.

This speaker is priced at over $1000US. It's more than the Yamaha DSR112, and almost to Yamaha DZR range. And it's positioned well above the Yamaha DXR10 and QSC10.2 bracket, would would seem to be it's direct competition. Is it significantly better (louder, better SQ, more reliable, etc.) than any of those models?

I agree the price is really up there. I'm guessing a combination of made in Canada, the neodymium woofer and quality finished wood box all play a part in that. The EF10Ps simply look, feel (42 lbs) and sound like superior quality boxes. The output was truly surprising as was the bass response - especially in Club mode, which you generally don't expect from a 10'' box. Although I know it's processed like that (Club mode especially), it is really well done, and unlike many other similarly "LF boosted" processed cabs I've tested (NX55P for example) , these don't instantly sound like shit once the woofer runs out of excursion, likely thanks to the multi-band limiting. For solo gigging musicians or even DJs that play mostly small events, they should actually be able to cover a good amount of people with this little pair of 10s. Add a Parasource 12'' sub or two on the ground for bigger events and you've got a nice, very compact, scalable system with very high SPL potential. 

 on: Yesterday at 10:14:54 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Bob Charest
These are great - Thanks, Dan!

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 on: Yesterday at 10:10:56 pm 
Started by Al Poulin - Last post by Al Poulin
Most of us here would probably be interested in these as lightweight floor monitors. It would be nice to demonstrate the wedge angle, as well as how each preset sounds with this box on the floor. Also, what type of power cable do they use?

The box looks nice but it's at the price of an SRX powered box. I do like the flat volume knobs on the back, and simple controls with no led screen menu.

I agree the price is up there, and I may be mistaken, but it doesn't look like there's much of a monitor angle on these. Its this possible? As for power cable, I'm guessing just standard (not locking IEC). I generally don't get power cables when I rent gear.

 on: Yesterday at 10:05:58 pm 
Started by Mike Pyle - Last post by Dave Pluke
Snipped from a distributor's webpage.

Latex gloves optional?


 on: Yesterday at 09:49:44 pm 
Started by Lyle Williams - Last post by Tim McCulloch
It was facinating reading, albeit about 1500 pages long. The executive summary is well worth reading, as is the report about event planning for weather and other emergencies.  Last time I was at the Indianpolis Motor Speedway (for MotoGP races) there were wind gusts to 60 mph with rain. (They red flagged the race.)

Almost half of those pages are pictures!  ;D

The second link in my edited post is the power point deck from T-T's media release and it's built around the executive summary but with more detail.  One of the recommendations is "accept no 'ballast' guy anchors."  I've taken that to heart.

 on: Yesterday at 09:39:56 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
The first picture in this post is him and Mesias Maiguashea in the Studio for Electronic Music in Cologne at WDR in June 1971, just to show another mixing console.

The second might be him at a gig on a more modern mixing console (Midas? Something else?).

Hopefully that second one and the two with smaller consoles make this relevant to this forum. My apologies if not.

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