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 on: Today at 07:49:35 pm 
Started by Justice C. Bigler - Last post by Art Welter
I wonder if Carl Icahn is investing in iConn?
Looks like Carl Icahn has had plenty of his own con games going on without investing in Ja Rule!

On the Iconn (short for "Ice Connect"  ::) ) website it says:

"We are very excited to announce our recent partnership with S.K.A.M. Artists Management!"

I'd have thought Ja Rule had spent enough time in jail already...

 on: Today at 07:31:55 pm 
Started by Tom Bourke - Last post by Justice C. Bigler
Just an FYI that we just discovered (the hard way, they actually caused problems on an install).  Shure has an additional list of disqualified switches beyond the list at Audinate's site.

Directly from the Shure site;
"All ProSafe unmanaged switches, including but not limited to:
FS105, 108, 108P, 116, and 116P
JFS516, 524
GS105, 108, 110, 116, MX, E and PE models
JGS516, 524, E and PE models
GSS108, 116, E and EPP models
GS and FS305, 308, 316, 324, 605NA, 750E"


Thanks for that, I'll have to look up what all they list.

But, the GS 108T is a managed switch, and it's specifically not included with that list. The NetGear line is somewhat confusing, as their Pro Safe switches are broken down into non comparable differentiations. The GS 108T is a managed switch which allows you to turn off EEE or Green ethernet as they call it. The GS108Ev3 is a managed switch for which you can not disable the EEE. (found that out the hard way too). And they look nearly identical, and are in the same price range.

 on: Today at 07:29:11 pm 
Started by Dan Courtney - Last post by Dan Courtney
Your detailed response is appreciated, Kevin.

If one was to replace these 20 year old Fender 12 passive speakers, what should one consider? Would active speakers be recommended? Brand/model?

Your caution, re mounting the speakers safely, is well taken.

Acoustic treatment is something we should look into.

 on: Today at 07:21:18 pm 
Started by jamie ashton - Last post by Jeremy Young
Looks like an improvement in the phase to me. 

 on: Today at 07:00:01 pm 
Started by Spenser Hamilton - Last post by Don Davis
Hey guys,
 I have been busy in the woodshop, taking a crack at the Smithers Wedge, loaded with B&C 12FCX76.

 I have two questions:
  • Does anybody have any experience comparing the B&C crossovers versus biamping the cab.
  • Looking at LG IPD series for power. Would an IPD1200 be sufficient, or should I spring for the 2400? (My instinct says to bone up for the 2400)

Thanks Guys!


Hi Spenser,
A five years ago I built 4 coax wedges using B&C 12FHX76s. I have them set up to run either biamp or passive using the B&C crossovers. I find the passive works very well. I prefer biamp but coming up with the right DSP settings is tricky.
I've had a lot of artists comment on how good they sound.

 on: Today at 06:56:40 pm 
Started by Chris Edwards - Last post by Dave Pluke
Can anyone recommend the correct sizing and shrinkage ratio?

I don't do a lot of that, but have used Raychem WSCM 24/6 8-2 (4 to 1) tubing for the backs of chassis mount Powercon connectors.  It's rated for submersible use, which I hope never happens to my racks!

Home Depot sells them in 4" lengths if you want to try it.  This is not the brand I've seen in the stores, but is what they have on their website:

Have to assume there's a more economical source if you need larger quantities.


 on: Today at 06:45:02 pm 
Started by Bob Kidd - Last post by Tim McCulloch
Looking at specs of 835 it appears 725s have a bit more wattage:

835 8 ohm

Power Handling: 3200W Peak, 1600W Program, 800W Continuous

725 4 ohm

Power Rating (Continuous; Program; Peak):
- Passive: 1200 Watts; 2400 Watts; 4800 Watts

Moving 725s and hanging 835s.

No, it doesn't have "more wattage" unless you are in the business of converting voltage to heat.

 on: Today at 06:43:51 pm 
Started by Caleb Acrey - Last post by Peter Kowalczyk
I recently set up an X32 to live-stream performances much like you describe.  The Console has an X-live Card installed, which connects to a Mac Mini via USB.  A stereo matrix feeds the USB outs to the computer, and this stereo matrix can be driven in a number of different ways:

Simple: Send the main L/R bus to the matrix and call it good.  However, this often broadcasts a mix with no guitars or drums, 'cause those signals are very low in the house mix.

More complex / better results:  Set up a stereo Aux pair to feed the live-stream matrix, and then mix your live stream into this Aux pair.  Now you can send your loud sources to the live stream independent of the house mix.

If you're mixing in a large room where every mic on stage is in the house mix, then configuring your aux bus to be post fader makes sense.  However, In a small room where you don't need snare in the house mix (for example), you'd want to make that send to the live stream pre-fader.  (You can do this channel-by-channel in X32, or just make your live stream all pre-fader, and therefore totally separate from the house mix). 

By having separate Matrix pairs for the house mix and the live stream, any 'system EQ' feeding the house PA is NOT applied to the live stream.

Given your low-level issue, I look into the gain scaling of the external USB audio interface.  Someone else recommended using the built-in USB card; I'll second that idea.  Keeping the signal in the digital realm means that full-scale out = full-scale in.  Your current setup appears to have an un-necessary digital -> analog -> digital conversion, which might be causing the low level you're experiencing.  Can you monitor the level within the computer to see how hot a signal it's receiving?

 on: Today at 06:39:42 pm 
Started by Michael LaHatte - Last post by Ron Hebbard
Great idea but almost impossible to implement for an interview.
Would work great for one person commenting but when you add a "punter" for an interview, not a chance!
Why not with a pair of mics for each of you?  It worked for all of the vocalists in The Greatful Dead. 
From north of Donald's walls. 
Ron Hebbard

 on: Today at 06:27:52 pm 
Started by jamie ashton - Last post by jamie ashton
It looks like a polarity or timing issue (very unlucky mic placement). On the data sheet for your speakers, there is a passive crossover at 7kHz, right around where the dip is. It could also just be an unlucky microphone position where those two drivers have phase issues at 7kHz. When you move the mic a little bit does the dip move? If it does, it's the timing/phase cancelation. If not, it's probably a polarity issue with the HF driver. (My bet is a polarity issue)
  yes I thought polarity too so I inverted the 1" and got this.  But has it now made the phase wrong?

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