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 on: Today at 06:57:13 am 
Started by Scott Holtzman - Last post by Scott Olewiler
What style of music and level?  You aren't going to do a paying event with these.  They get plenty loud but the headroom isn't there to go 100ft back at concert levels. 

If it's a lawnchair event you are all set.   I think the DSR's will do 75% of what we did with KW153's. 

If I was to quote a PA on an SL150 for coverage 100' back, I would quote 6 FBT LA210's a side and 12 double 18 subs.
Oldies band at a fireman's carnival. Since we've gotten by with just two U15Ps as tops  in the past I am sure the DSRs will be fine.  This is one of the bands I play in so they'll take whatever I bring and like it.

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 on: Today at 06:19:13 am 
Started by Victor Estrada - Last post by Douglas R. Allen
You mean overlapping the crossover point, little more tricky to get to play well with an overlap verses an underlap crossover.

Make sure your using the correct inputs for you subs, those have both parallel and direct to driver dual inputs, connected wrong or using the wrong configuration of a speaker cable/amp connection could result in only driving one of the speakers in the cabinet.
Yes I have seen people that a couple times!

Yes "overlapped". My dyslexia typing!

Douglas R. Allen

 on: Today at 06:07:37 am 
Started by Mike Santarelli - Last post by Geert Friedhof
Get the 9006 if you buy new and can afford them.

Get the 8006 if you can't, or if you get a great deal on demo/second hand.

 on: Today at 02:56:18 am 
Started by Tom Harrison - Last post by Tom Harrison
While not from the two options originally presented, I'll will second this suggestion. We send out Y10P/V-Sub/D20 systems regularly and are continually impressed with the performance. Definitely worth a look.

I've not heard the Y series. How do you think it compares directly to the X12? Or would the V series be a step up?

 on: Today at 01:38:10 am 
Started by John Schalk - Last post by Paul Miller
Does that mean that I need one of these for each conductor?  If so, then I would need three of these for each quad box?  If that's the case, that might be a pretty tight fit.

They lay very flat and are easy to tuck in below the receptacles. Not bulky at all like multiple heavy gauge wires going into wire nuts.

Here's a picture of a box being built using the 5 way Wago 221 connectors and 12 ga. wiring.

 on: Today at 01:08:24 am 
Started by Glen Hansen - Last post by Luke Geis
I'm not surprised you prefer the sound of them on the ground. They should sound more direct and have more bass response. In the video it is hard to tell, but the speakers look to be at least a good 6' up in the air? The listening position is above them at least from the vantage you were at. All this means is that you were not in the " ideal " location at that time.

The MF/HF driver has a coverage pattern in that model of 60* X 40* which doesn't mean much other than a good percentage of the speakers output is to some degree controlled. You should not need to " splay " the speakers at all if you are in the ideal listening location mentioned in earlier posts. Will it help? I would guess that it probably won't make much difference at the listening distance you seem to be shooting for. If you were really close and the speakers also really close together, then yes splaying them would help.

At further distances the point of incident is less consequential. The coverage of the speaker will spread out and at some point even moving several feet any given direction will have you fully within that coverage and the resultant sound of that single speaker should not change. This assumes a single speaker and no comb filtering. As soon as the second box is in the equation comb filtering will be very real.

I don't think you will have to get crazy with time alignment. If the speakers are on the same plane and you seat yourself anywhere close to the middle of them, you should be able to simply move around and tell if you are in a good spot.

 on: Today at 01:03:55 am 
Started by Johan Falt - Last post by Justice C. Bigler
They were on display at infocomm, but no live demo.
I was really disappointed with the Harman booth. They had a single speaker cabinet on display and one console? Doesn't bode well for the brand after the Samsung buyout. 

 on: Today at 12:46:26 am 
Started by Kenny Phillips - Last post by Luke Geis
With subs, I would argue that if they are in any vicinity to the stage, they will dump energy onto it. Hence why I stated that a cardiod array would be better suited if a center cluster was being used. That is not the case though. I was advising against using a center cluster in other words.

A cardioid array can be as little as two speakers side by side and can reduce rearward energy by 10db or more. Now if this was a center cluster, it would yield the lowest energy potential on the stage vs. any other option. I don't think the sub energy on the stage is the biggest issue though. I think it is resonance combined with system tuning. No way around having sub energy on the stage, so basically finding a way to reduce its effect is more viable.

 on: Today at 12:25:48 am 
Started by Tom Bourke - Last post by Mike Caldwell
Good suggestion on the using the iPad to see if responds the same.

Maybe try doing a hard full reset.
Try running it on the previous firmware version.

Does it do it right away or after it has been running for a while?

Is it connected to a network or router, if so try disconnection it.

Allen Heath has an active discussion forum on their website under "digital community"

 on: Today at 12:06:21 am 
Started by Tom Bourke - Last post by Mike Monte
We just got in a bunch of Allen and Heath qu 16.  One of them has glitched badly.

At some point the motors stopped moving the faders and switching fader functions changes the new selection to the old positions. 

For example, with all but one ch down, switch to master graphic on faders.  All of a sudden your master EQ is all max down except the ONE ch that is up, that frequency will now feed back since it is boosted.

After this happens you can't switch fader functions with out messing up what you switch to.
And doing some research this was a common failure without a solution.  Any one else deal with this or find a trigger?

We are on the most recent firmware and will be contacting A&H.  Just looking for other solutions.


Did you have the option of mixing on an iPad?  Was it the same while mixing on an iPad??

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