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 on: Today at 12:05:05 am 
Started by Luke Milanese - Last post by Mac Kerr
Hey I just wanted to update people regarding this scumbag.

Please go to your profile and change the "Name" field to your real first and last name as required by the posting rules displayed in the header at the top of the section, and in the Site Rules and Suggestions in the Forum Announcements section, and on the registration page when you registered.


 on: Yesterday at 11:35:22 pm 
Started by Kevin Maxwell - Last post by Kevin Maxwell
Kevin, delay is configurable by device. For a simple system like youíre proposing, 0.25ms or 0.5ms should be easily achievable without issue. This is set via the Dante Controller software.

There are plenty of devices that can accept a variety of signal types, AES, Analog, etc. The Rsio64d mentioned above is one, but again the audinate website has a more extensive online catalog than anyone could hope to remember.

I have been watching a lot of the Audinate Dante videos today it looks relatively easy. But I am having problems finding a device with 8 AES inputs and 8 analog inputs. There are so many devices on the Audinate website pages that it may take a while to find one. I found a Glensound DARK 1616M Dante but I have never heard of this company and it is over $3000 and I think that is too expensive for what I am trying to do. I may go back to the idea of using the AVIO devices at least for the analog output to Dante, if I put any of the analog outs into the Dante. And maybe the Focusrite RedNet D16R for the AES outputs.

 on: Yesterday at 09:24:26 pm 
Started by Nick Andrews - Last post by Nick Andrews
Hi Guys and gal,

I'm selling 200 feet of 6/4 soow feeder cable.

I'm located in Rockland county ny , $525 local pickup or best offer

 on: Yesterday at 09:02:16 pm 
Started by James Paul - Last post by Scott Bolt
Easy enough to get into.

Couldn't find anything.  Tried Douglas' suggestion above - you just get great big pile of posts - no segregation of XR and X32, no segegation of general, feature requests, etc, no pinned topics.

If it's that hard to navigate a forum, no-one will bother.  Most will fail to get past the starting gate.

Just one great big crock of shit, sadly....

I had the same experience.

I haven't posted there is a while .... mostly because there have not been any recent updates to my X32 ..... and honestly, I have everything I need with my digital mixing hardware.  But....

If I did need to post something, or look something up about my X32 Rack ..... I didn't find much to help me out.  It looks like one big "live sound" soup of posts.

I agree.  It seems like they went all social media on what should be a "forum".  Different purposes require different designs IMO.

 on: Yesterday at 08:32:11 pm 
Started by Mike Holtzinger - Last post by Tim Hite
Turbosound TFX122M-AN or Milan M12. I have both in my production inventory.

I though the ZLX was fine for monitor duty, as well when I used them a couple years ago.

I'm looking at powered boxes in the sub $400 range, and they all appear to be about the same. Alto, Eon, ZLX, Mackie Thump, Behringer etc. Is there a box IN THIS PRICE RANGE that stands out?
 I'm interested in 12" as they'll be used for a loud Bar band as monitors. So I'd like to hear from those of you who have actually compared some of them.

 on: Yesterday at 08:14:17 pm 
Started by Luke Milanese - Last post by kristinpossible
I just texted Brian Kent and he says he’s working for another case company in Dunkirk NY.  You might try him there.   

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Hey I just wanted to update people regarding this scumbag. I too was ripped off by Brian Kent for a sizable amount of money. Complaint to the BBB wasn't working and I couldn't get my money back so I hired a private detective and found out that he is operating a new business in 2019 running the same scams. He can be reached by phone at 716-908-5600. I think the I know where he is operating out of if you want to ask him where your money is in person.

 on: Yesterday at 06:36:40 pm 
Started by Bob Cap - Last post by Geert Friedhof
Not an inexpensive box is it?

You never asked for inexpensive. :)

Fact is that a decent 15/3" or 15/4" will cost a bit.

 on: Yesterday at 06:35:29 pm 
Started by Chris Jensen - Last post by Justice C. Bigler
FWIW, thereís a problem with the newest Mac laptops and their USB 3.0 ports. Thereís supposed to be a fix coming, but Iím not sure if itís going to be a hardware fix in only the newest models, or a software fix. Thereís lots of complaints about USB audio on the GS forums from Mac laptops. Some of the problems have made Mac laptops unusable with USB interfaces.

The Thunderbolt ports seem to be unaffected so far.

 on: Yesterday at 06:26:08 pm 
Started by Robert Lawson - Last post by Robert Lawson
Powersoft K10 with DSP/AESOP.  1 available with 2215 hours.  $1950

Tested and working like it should.
2000W/channel @ 8ohm
4000W/channel @ 4ohm
6000W/channel @ 2ohm

One deep rack space. 26.5 lbs. Runs on 100-240V power.  Excellent DSP with crossovers, PEQs, FIR filters, peak limiters, and RMS power limiters.  Power cable with powercon connector included but not shown here in photos.

Local pickup in SoCal free, shipping add ~$50.

 on: Yesterday at 06:24:32 pm 
Started by Karim Ben - Last post by Karim Ben
I once patched 2 consoles to 1 processor using Y cables with the first console connected directly to the Y cables and the second connected through iso transformers to the Y cables.
May not be the "perfect" solution but it worked well with no ground issues or level problems.
This might work well for you.

So if I understand correctly, this is what the Whirlwind Line Combiner and IMG StageLine LC31 do, right?

The LC-31 has been designed to mix together two line signals to one signal. It has two independent signal ways (A and B) so that e. g. the stereo outputs of two mixers may be connected to the stereo input of an amplifier.
For galvanic isolation of the two signal sources, each input signal is routed via a transformer. In addition, the signal ground of this decoupled input can be  separated by means of a switch from the ground of the output and the ground of the other input. Thus, a ground loop which may cause an interfering hum noise can be interrupted. It occurs e. g. when the two signal sources have contact in the rack both via the signal ground and via the earthed conductor of the power supply or a conductive connection of the housings.

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