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 on: Today at 02:50:47 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Kevin Bayersdorfer
I can only hope that this is not indicative of normal turn around times.  My tech said the new driver should be there in a couple of weeks ..... which is still quite some time in my book, but seems on the inside of "acceptable".

It doesn't seem plausible that Yamaha has no parts they can ship.  The speaker is still in mass production after all.

As an aside, the techs in the store were amazed at the output and quality of sound of the DSR.  I am guessing they are used to DXR and DBR's (or other similar products from other companies).  Since the issue with my speaker only happens at quite high output (not clipping mind you, but not too far south of where the clip light starts to flicker on either), I turned it up myself to show them the problem.

Their comment was that they had indeed swept the frequency spectrum on the speaker, but not at that volume.  They were afraid they would damage the speaker.

I found this a little strange since I always assumed that as long as I stayed out of solid clip territory (I generally run with only an occasional clip on lower notes in big venues, and far south of clip in most venues), that there was no way to damage the speaker.

In their initial write up, I specifically stated the problem only occurs at higher volumes.  I had hoped that this would be enough to get them on the right track.  I also offered to give them the MP3 that I used to create the problem, but they said a frequency sweep would be enough (obviously not).

I'll update when the driver comes in and I get my speaker back.  Considering that they took the driver out of the cab and it still showed the problem, it seems like a safe bet that replacing the driver will fix the problem.

No the first board was shipped in a week, the second one Yamaha approved is on back order, that in it's self though is a little unnerving to me.

 on: Today at 02:23:03 pm 
Started by Keith Broughton - Last post by John Roberts {JR}
In life we generally need to fix the problems.

Understanding why they happened helps us avoid future problems.

The ability to learn from other's experience allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants.


 on: Today at 02:18:57 pm 
Started by Pete Erskine - Last post by Jordan Wolf
Awesome! Thanks, Pete!

 on: Today at 02:12:01 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
Did you finally hire your SSID ?  Not broadcast it that is ?  If not, do that and write down the name you assign.  That keeps all the devices in the house from banging of your network. For me, 2.4 and 5g on an Airport Express have been rock solid.  I use the Apple utility to find the least cluttered channel and have my SSID hidden.  I also do not use 192.168.nnn.nnn. Based addresses as every consumer device seems to want to default there.

  I bowed out of reading about page 9...

Thanks Mal....

I had a lot of advice and help on here when I was going through this and we tried everything there was to try....some things WAY above me.
In the end there was nothing left to do but abandon the idea of using the Samsung. I was getting disconnects with the  tablet and router literally next to each other with all other devices off and I live in a rural area with very little wi fi traffic to influence anything so it was a problem from the start.
The developer made the change and now it is rock solid.

He was able to implement features from the iPad app and supposedly change the communication protocol to the one in use on the iPad app too.

 on: Today at 01:59:38 pm 
Started by Daniel Nickleski - Last post by Scott Helmke
I normally use a Shure A99WS windscreen instead of the supplied windscreen.


 on: Today at 01:56:07 pm 
Started by Keith Broughton - Last post by Dave Garoutte
Over the years owning a CNC machine shop, I have had employees that encountered a problem and just wanted it fixed.  There was little interest in understanding either the underlying cause or the process to find it.  How else can you take a single situation and see how it could apply to a whole class of issues?
No patience, no curiosity. :(

 on: Today at 01:50:03 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Dave Garoutte

Very interesting article!

 on: Today at 12:52:39 pm 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by Nathan Riddle
The 'loudness' of our thoughts affects how we judge external sounds

 on: Today at 12:46:45 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
Lookup one of these on Amazon...
Kekilo DC 5V to DC 9V or 12V Step-up Converter

Thanks Keith... that would have been a good alternative but I believe the Samsung is rated for 19v.

 on: Today at 12:26:46 pm 
Started by Mrnaz - Last post by Mac Kerr
I have a Behringer XR12 digital mixer

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