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 on: Yesterday at 02:19:46 pm 
Started by Dave Guilford - Last post by Tim McCulloch
At the risk of again not answering the OP's question, that's not how optics works.  All else equal, wider beams lose brightness over distance faster than narrower beams.  Either one (or both) of the spec sheets is incorrect, or they are using very different definitions of beam and/or field angle from each other, and the 8° fixture is actually narrower than the 4° fixture, at least for where most of the power goes.
Indeed.  Almost certainly the brightness spec is with all colors at full, which is going to be a very different color than the white only fixture.  If the white-only fixture is warm white, the multi-color fixture will have to be turned down to match, also skewing the calculations.

The best way forward is a demo.


 on: Yesterday at 02:14:31 pm 
Started by Kurt Hutchison - Last post by Kurt Hutchison
Ok, I should have described in more detail what I am thinking of doing.

I am planning to disable the send to the sub, and feed the PA from the board through one of the monitor outs, with a  70-80hz high pass and a 200 hz low pass dialed in, so the speaker gets only the  80-200hz content.  Basically doing what the DSP currently does for the sub.

Lowering the crossover to the sub is something I didn't think of, and I could easily do, it's on its own mixing bus, I could put a 70-80 hz high-pass on it and leave it on, effectively using the PA as a mid-bass amp.

I am imagining only drums and bass will hit the PA, the existing sub is fine for everything else, but bass and (electronic) kick drum are awful through the understage sub.  Mostly we mic a Cajon, and even a 10" PA could handle that just fine.

So I hear a few votes for the DXR, that confirms what I have heard in the past, the DXR's are better than the QSC's, especially when driven hard.  I didn't want to poison the well with my preexisting notions in the thread.

And yes, I hope to use the PA for other things when we aren't using it onstage.

I looked at some actual subs too, and none of them really go to 200 hz, we have a strange system, and it's a rental hall so I can't do any permanent fixes.

 on: Yesterday at 02:13:47 pm 
Started by Mike Mottsey - Last post by Mike Mottsey
ETC Congo Jr. W/fader wing.  Exc Cond from theater install, $4500.00 shipped.


 on: Yesterday at 01:40:34 pm 
Started by Dave Guilford - Last post by Don T. Williams
Be skeptical of manufacturers specifications - for lighting and sound.  Not every one, but it seems like a lot of specs come with a "twist" from the marketing departments.  The better companies have very detailed specs and have actually measured their products, but sometimes the comparisons are still "apples vs. oranges".

 on: Yesterday at 01:33:29 pm 
Started by Scott Gaines - Last post by David Pedd
Now I'll get laughed at, but I found these several years ago and have sold several sets to churches who absolutely love them.

Sadly, they no longer make the powered model, but the passives are great and low cost.

 on: Yesterday at 01:31:19 pm 
Started by Xiang Cao - Last post by Daniel Levi
That's the special "milli vanilli" capsule, utilising nosound™ microphone technology. 

 on: Yesterday at 01:25:52 pm 
Started by Scott Gaines - Last post by Don T. Williams
The Turbosound M10 is a good budget conscious choice.

I word of warning!  I have some M12's and have had input XLR connectors "lock" themselves in place and they will not release.  It doesn't seem to brand specific for the connectors.  My M12's are probably 2 to 2 1/2 years old, so I hope the problem has been solved by now, but I had to take these out of rental stock.  I had to unsolder the input connectors from the PCB to replace them.  It was a HUGE PAIN!  They sound good but . . . beware!

 on: Yesterday at 01:05:26 pm 
Started by scottstephens - Last post by Tim McCulloch
Heyser was perhaps better known for his career (physics) work at JPL, but he was a significant contributor to audio measurement (TDS).

Indeed another great one.


The Heyser Spiral... a whole lot of info in one small graphic.  My exposure to Heyser came late also.  Another gone-too-soon pioneer in many fields.

 on: Yesterday at 01:01:48 pm 
Started by Scott Gaines - Last post by Mike Mottsey
If you stretch the budget a little you could get into the RCF NX10SMA or even the NX12SMA. These are both very compact relative to performance, and a great value imo even though higher priced than the speakers you are asking about.
Or the RCF HD10a MK4--my favorite !

 on: Yesterday at 12:57:55 pm 
Started by Steve Garris - Last post by Josh Rawls
I am a Chauvet and ADJ dealer.

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