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 on: Yesterday at 06:11:27 pm 
Started by Jonathan Wiegratz - Last post by Jonathan Wiegratz
Hi Guys -- Doing a bit of a cleanup and found these.  Used, but in good condition. Haven't brought them out in a while...  and would rather see them put to good use!

  • Beta 91... Includes the Cable & Preamp.  $175 Shipped (Lower 48)
  • Beta 98... Has the Cable & Clamp... but minus the preamp.  $120 Shipped (Lower 48)
Daytime pickup available in Boston Back Bay...
Nighttime pickup available.. West Roxbury/Needham/Dedham area.


 on: Yesterday at 05:59:08 pm 
Started by Dan Richardson - Last post by Marc Sibilia
As to their weight, yeah, it's a bit of a lift onto the ol' tripod, but they're half the weight of the top boxes I'm used to slinging around.

I just christened mine.  I decided throw them in the truck when I went to the Princeton Enough of Gun Violence rally wondering what they had for a PA.  They expected about 500 people.  Over 2000 showed up.  They had a Fender PD250 and the speakers weren't above the top of crowd.  It wasn't close to enough.

I got there late and had to park across town.  I carried the two speakers 500 yds.  They are heavy, but not ridiculous.  They are small enough that carrying a pair is manageable.  I set them up in a couple of minutes while the first presenter talked, then switched over.  People were relieved to be able to hear.  The area was about 150 ft x 200 ft and they were just enough to carry the speeches and a little bit of singing to the back of the crowd.  They were bumping the limiters, but sounded pretty good.

I like my passive system, but powered speakers are amazingly convenient for a single microphone and a crowd.


 on: Yesterday at 05:53:13 pm 
Started by Kevin Brown - Last post by Tim Hite
On the high end, you can add Lectrosonics to the list.

Selectable TX power up to 100mW

TX units made from billet aluminum

Compandor-free audio

75mHz bandwidth for 3000+ channels

Integrated talkback function with Venue2 RX

Venue2 RX units have high rack density, built in power/antenna combiner for up to six RX channels in 1U and can link multiple units to the same antennae

Analog compatibility mode for use with other TX/RX

Made in the USA

Helping a singer songwriter pick out some new equipment.  Any suggestions for industry standard reliable wireless mics?  She prefers the headset options while playing guitar.

 Kevin Brown/Denver

 on: Yesterday at 05:49:34 pm 
Started by Mark Wilkinson - Last post by Scott Holtzman
That would be the ones.

The design was a Karlson Coupler.  There were lots of "claims" made about it-back in the day.

There was even an HF device, called "The Tube".  I have one in my office

Here is a link to some photos
Sounds laser, that is hilarious.  Very unusual too, great collectable.

Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk

 on: Yesterday at 05:49:19 pm 
Started by Dave Garoutte - Last post by Craig Hauber
I'm in the process of putting my digital stageboxes in road cases and I'm looking at 1ru UPSs.
One will just feed the Stagebox and the other will have a Stagebox and Driverack.
In looking at the Triplite reviews, they either work perfect of fail or have a noisy fan.
What does the hive mind have to say?
Other brands?
Thanks, all!

Have a look at Middle Atlantic too
All models are rack mountable and they do have some 1U ones
-and all have easily swappable batteries

 on: Yesterday at 05:37:48 pm 
Started by Josh Billings - Last post by Bill Hornibrook

Not actually doing any of this, just curious since cancelations seem to be the biggest problem with indoor sound systems.

Josh Billings

I would actually place things such as too many highly reflective surfaces and poor bar placement in relation to the stage much higher than room cancellations.

Current room I'm involved in measures almost exactly 4000 square feet with a drop ceiling of acoustic tile. This ceiling is way too mundane and dull for many rooms, but the acoustics in there are among the best I've encountered for a room this size.   

Unfortunately they blew it with the bar - which is in front of the stage on the opposite wall and directly in the crosshairs of the mains. They didn't get it all right.

 on: Yesterday at 05:16:26 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Jeremy Young
The way I interpret that is that the XLR part of the cable is 24ga, and since it's all inside the same outer sleeve (or "overall cable" as they are calling it), the markings on the outer sleeve are de-rated to suit the "weakest link" which is the XLR part. 

Under normal use you would not be applying any mains voltage to the signal portion of the cable, but it could see 48v phantom if used for something other than your intended use (microphone applications, not the line level signals you'll be using it for). 

If you were to strip back some of that outer casing, I'd expect you'd see higher voltage ratings on the sleeve of the 12/3 component ("12G 3Cond. Shielded Jacketed Group" from the cross section in your link).  But please don't peel that back on my account.  Whether or not the AHJ sees it this way is really the only concern I'd have in your shoes.

As to the original response of it being a typo, that really isn't consistent with the second response you received.  Hopefully the second one was the correct one. 

 on: Yesterday at 05:00:57 pm 
Started by brian maddox - Last post by Mike Caldwell
I just had a similar install where the subs were located under a small stage and were placed a few feet back from grill where the sound could exit. I was told that after the club got new carpet, the sub level was low.

In between the subs and the grills, the carpet installer had stored tons of scrap carpet and padding in case they had to repair the carpet in the future. We had the maintenance guys remove all the carpet and padding from in front of the subs. Problem solved.

I had almost the same thing a couple years ago at a church service call.

I could hear the rumbling of a subwoofer but could not see or locate where it was coming from, guy at the church told me it was under the stage, the stage had doors all along the front that opened into the dead space under the stage that was used for storage. They put the subs under the stage each by one of the doors and then closed the doors and the stage front along with the doors were also covered in thick carpet!

I mentioned removing those doors and replacing them with grating, framed perf metal or grill cloth. They were afraid it would be too much subwoofer then! By the way their system was setup with aux fed subs, I did try to explain it. 

 on: Yesterday at 04:57:45 pm 
Started by Ed Ring - Last post by John Fruits
Congo Blue has always been a problem.  With incandescent lights it has a transmission of 1%, and you had to replace it frequently.
With the ETC Colorsource fixtures, the design goal was better pastels for front lighting.  Since there was a desire for similar fixtures that were better at the deeper blues they came out with another fixture, the Deep Blue model.  With the recently released Colorsource Cyc, they came up with the RGBALI model with both Blue and Indigo emitters.  In other ETC news, after testing, they have extended the warranty on MOST of the LED fixtures (the 4WRD isn't included) to 5 years for the full fixture and 10 years for the LED arrays. 

 on: Yesterday at 04:54:58 pm 
Started by Richard Turner - Last post by Don T. Williams
This was the 60's (yea, I've been doing this a while), but several manufacturers used the 30 watt EV or similar reentrant outdoor paging horn in a textured black painted particle board cabinet with a simple "horn loaded" 15".  The 15 set totally in the straight wall "horn" mouth that was maybe 6" in length, so there was little if any horn loading.  The cabs were heavy, the edges crumbled with impact, and the entire cabinet self-destructed if they got wet.  Did I mention the outdoor paging horn?  You know the sound!

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