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 on: Today at 06:16:09 am 
Started by Jon Greaves - Last post by Tim Steer
I'd suggest that this may be one of those situations where it's worth getting a sound engineer to come along and take a look at your setup. It sounds like there are probably a multitude of reasons why you are having feedback issues, all of which would be pointed out within five minutes by an experienced sound person. Do you know any friendly sound guys/girls? Perhaps you could befriend one with the offer of a free dinner, wine and an evening's entertainment?

 on: Today at 04:40:13 am 
Started by charles e strickland - Last post by Helge Dr. Bentsen
while we're at it would a ma 9000i be enough amp for the 1001's one channel per box or is going to take a 12000i to get the job done { live sound } thanks.

I wouldn't run a MA90o0i in 2 ohms. SB2001 is a dual 4ohm load.

Also, you would need a UX8800 to process it, so you might as well look into Powersoft. They do EAW processing internally in their amplifiers and can do 2ohm all night.

 on: Today at 02:29:13 am 
Started by John Ferreira - Last post by Tim McCulloch

Everyone wants and egg laying milk pig when a chicken will do the trick.

And then the chicken encounters "the road"... and the feather duster is born.

 on: Today at 01:52:49 am 
Started by Kevin_Tisdall - Last post by Jonathan Johnson
Looking at the 360 degree photo of the space,  I would be renting a piano when needed, and passing on the costs to the customer.  I just don't see how to justify keeping a piano there.

A previous post indicated that the piano was donated. This puts the venue in a tight spot: disposing of or modifying the piano could create hard feelings between the venue's board of directors and the donor (or the donor's family).

I think that Mr. Tisdall should suggest that the donor (or family) be contacted to get them on board with the idea that ownership of a piano is more of a burden than a benefit for the venue, and that rental of a nice piano (and associated tuning) when necessary will work better in the long run.

Perhaps the board could loan or rent the piano to a rental company, with a stipulation of reduced rates when they "rent" it back. Then, rather than sitting unused most of the time, it could actually go out and be played, be regularly maintained and tuned, generate revenue (maybe even revenue for the venue) and still be available for the few occasions where the venue requires a piano.

Whatever is done, I think that involving (or at least informing) the donor or the donor's family is the right thing to do.

 on: Today at 01:42:58 am 
Started by Dennis Wiggins - Last post by GenePink
... to the world of "Vocal Eliminators"...

I was trying to remember what they called those perversions of electronic algebra, thanks.

As mentioned, this is presumably the inspiration for that absurdness called Karaoke. But then again, all I know about that nonsense, is when someone suddenly gets up on a mic and says "It's karaoke time!", the next thing heard in the place would be me, saying loudly "Check, please". This is the point where I realize that I have wandered into the wrong damn bar. [/rant]

(L-R) does have a place in the world, it is how FM stereo broadcast "no static at all" radio works.

Main carrier is (L+R) to be compatible with mono FM radios, and a subcarrier carries (L-R). They are combined algebraically as

(L+R) + (L-R) = (2L),  and
(L+R) - (L-R) = (2R)

Or something like that, it has been a while.


 on: Today at 12:27:09 am 
Started by Scott Holtzman - Last post by Scott Holtzman
Only took... what, six weeks?!?  :P

Pro Tip for everyone else who wants to order things from me... I often delay invoicing you for stuff you buy. haha. Not that I don't want your money, I'm just lazy. I mean busy. I'm BUSY!


Thankfully I paid a little quicker.  What did Spock say weeks are like hours?

 on: Today at 12:03:42 am 
Started by Casey Sharp - Last post by Scott Holtzman
I, too, like having most everything on wheels, but don't forget the lowly handtruck. Faced with grass, gravel walks, or other manner of inhospitable terrain, the larger wheels of the handtruck can save the day. The trouble I've found is that, much as with coiling cords, many "helpers" don't really know how to use a handtruck. Think about the CG. Block it from rolling back with your (booted) foot while tilting up. Get it to and keep it at the balance point while rolling. And when landing time comes be mindful not to slam down the load. Easy peasy. -F

Dude when I was young skinny and good looking I hauled a Motorola Micor 330W VHF paging transmitter down 12 flights of stairs by myself.  It had to be 400lbs.  It was balanced and really easy to move.  Just like you said, be mindful of your CG and put your ass into it.  Downside is the load could get away from you.

On a side note you could transport said 5ft cabinet in the back of a Chevette hatchback with 300' of 7/8 foam heliax strapped to the roof.  With the CG that far aft on the car you could hit the parking brake and let the moment of the load in the back swing you around. 

You just can't pay for experience like that.

 on: Today at 12:02:29 am 
Started by Mark Schneider - Last post by Brian Adams
I've had people accidentally switch around the D2 and D4 and put the D2 on floor and the D4 on rack. I've also tried D4's on rack toms, but I don't think I've intentionally put a D2 on a floor tom.

The end result was that for some reason I don't like the D4 on rack toms, and I don't like the D2 on floor toms. There's just something about it that doesn't work for me. So I make sure that D2's are on rack toms and D4's are on floor toms.

I have lots of D2's and D4's, and they're great, but I find I'm using my e904's more than anything since I got them. I've used e604's plenty, but I don't own any. The Sennheiser mount is a lot easier to deal with, especially in a festival situation. And no one has trouble figuring out how to get a 604 off the rim, but I have plenty enough broken Audix clips to prove that not everyone knows how to take them off.

The Audix mounts do offer some flexibility though, because sometimes a 604 just won't fit.

 on: Yesterday at 11:58:18 pm 
Started by Joel T. Glaser - Last post by Al Torrance
Iíll second that Tim. I have both DT 3800s and the 3900s and would never go back the 132s....Ever!  All it takes is one show where one of the 132s get stuck in the air and just wait for the curse words to start flying. Happened to me once.. Just once.

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 on: Yesterday at 11:57:44 pm 
Started by Scott Holtzman - Last post by Ray Aberle
Speaking of that I got your invoice!
Only took... what, six weeks?!?  :P

Pro Tip for everyone else who wants to order things from me... I often delay invoicing you for stuff you buy. haha. Not that I don't want your money, I'm just lazy. I mean busy. I'm BUSY!


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