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 on: Today at 08:10:29 am 
Started by Tim Bulin - Last post by David Allred
Unfortunately, most of my customers want to see those 15s sitting on top of the subs...bigger footprint, more of a "whoa" factor I guess. 

who is your market?  College frats?

 on: Today at 08:00:44 am 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by David Allred
I haven't? [and no i'm not trying to 'play dumb' or be sarcastic, I'm really questioning my experience here]

Ratings? Meaning of the hardware? Is the below quote of myself not sufficient? [seriously not trying to be an a$$ about this, i'm actually questioning the validity of my statements as 'proof' of the ratings/expected loads]
Also, was the 100-300lbs not enough info? Should I be specifying torque?

Again, I am NOT trying to be sarcastic. I want to know so that if/when* I talk to an engineer about specifications for loading truss on a wall in the future (because it WILL happen again) I want to not sound like an idiot...

Agreed, tension isn't good. But I was willing to calculate the tension given the torque (moment) on the truss from a perpendicular loading at a distance away from the wall rising to sheer force down & compression on the bottom of the truss and tension along the top.

Giving rise to 6x clamps along the top (unistrut being found to be a better material in-between truss and wall for allowing expansion/compression) & 2 along teh bottom (because they will be under compression less is needed.

Also, thorough bolts were determined to be the best, inwhich case when mounting the unistrut would be much safer and could get away with only 2. But if using wedge lag bolts then 6 along the top would probably be better off. Albeit much harder to get straight and make the truss mount correctly.

Agreed. I thought I was stating my case well and providing the design specs of the hardware in question. I now believe that assumption to be incorrect given Mr. Rees's questioning of the layout.

This flows into my next thought.

I have mishandled stating my case clearly. Sorry all.

Sometimes you have the design in your head and it's too simple to forget others don't. I try to think about that when posting on a forum, but I'm not perfect...

Hopefully the attachment work.

Does that drum shield have a ceiling? :o 
What about the drummer supporting the middle section like a Carmen Miranda hat.  Would definitely require a chin strap.  Talk about a mover. 8)

 on: Today at 07:05:10 am 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Mike Sokol
Is autoformer a real word in the US?


Nope... It's a registered trademark.

 on: Today at 06:00:56 am 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Steve M Smith
Is autoformer a real word in the US?


 on: Today at 05:55:51 am 
Started by John Chiara - Last post by Steve M Smith
Did you hold the select button on channel 1 down while powering up the X-Touch? This allows you to put it in different control modes.

But only if you have the correct firmware installed.


 on: Today at 03:08:24 am 
Started by Chris Campbell - Last post by Steve M Smith
Then there is Mackie's mute is not really mute.

And Behringer also has a mute which is not really mute.

I have one of their current Xenyx mixers, the X2222 (which I actually rate quite highly for what it is).

Mute on this mutes the send to left and right but not to the monitor sends.  Once the warranty has expired (or possibly sooner) I am going to correct this.


 on: Today at 02:26:14 am 
Started by Lyle Williams - Last post by Lyle Williams

It looks like New Zealand will get an amateur DJ as Prime Minister!

 on: Today at 12:56:08 am 
Started by Tim McCulloch - Last post by Chris Hindle
Sleep well my friend.
5 of the nicest guys you could ever work for/with.
Chris. (at The Spectrum, Montreal, early 90's)

 on: Today at 12:16:20 am 
Started by Tony Ijaz - Last post by Jim Rutherford
Call Sound and Pixal.
Our church has worked with them for over 10 years and have long list of satisfied church clients.

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 on: Yesterday at 11:45:05 pm 
Started by Shane Crabtree - Last post by Mark Cadwallader
Thanks Paul. To remedy that possibility, I've put masking tape on the floor at the corners to check whether or not they're moving. There doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference. Any tips on weighing them down just in case?

A old skool approach is to make a simple plywood and 2x4 base plate for the fixture to be bolted down upon. (Use the threads that are there for attaching an O-clamp.)  The added mass and friction will decrease any tendency for the fixture to "walk".

Slowing down the speed of movement will, as you found, increase the accuracy of positioning.  You are more likely to be able to stop your car exactly 12" from a wall if you are driving at 10 mph than if you are approaching at 30 mph.

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