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 on: Today at 02:25:08 pm 
Started by Bob Leonard - Last post by Bob Leonard
I have to agree to all the above. I also feel half throttle about all you ever need, and on my machine that's a bit less than 2000 rpm. My point above was that there is no reason to constantly run equipment at full throttle. It's hard on the equipment.

 on: Today at 02:21:01 pm 
Started by Scott Mullane - Last post by Ade Stuart
Yup.  Neither way is the right way all the time.  I'd much rather be able to choose.

Agreed, but i'd prefer to have the choice as a software as well as hardware setup as the ULXds are.

 on: Today at 02:10:46 pm 
Started by Jay Barracato - Last post by Jonathan Johnson
Meaning it works perfectly every time you have it in to look at it but goes wrong every time you give it back to the customer!

What's more frustrating than something that doesn't work when it should?

Something that works when it shouldn't.

 on: Today at 02:07:33 pm 
Started by Tom Harrison - Last post by Steven Eudaly
I also have run on the db Y10P's and they are very impressive.

While not from the two options originally presented, I'll will second this suggestion. We send out Y10P/V-Sub/D20 systems regularly and are continually impressed with the performance. Definitely worth a look.

 on: Today at 01:55:35 pm 
Started by John Schalk - Last post by Jonathan Johnson
If you wanted something better, I'd recomend these

They are a leverlock from Wago-I'm seeing a price of 56 cents each from Crescent Electric, so pricier than wirenuts-but the next smaller version (only good to #12) is really nice-I love them as long as I am not paying for them!  I used to be skeptical, but after being around them for years, I've never seen a Wago spring lock device fail from a bad connection.  In a situation like a this with frequent handling and vibration, these would probably be the most secure option.

Linky is brokey. Maybe you were aiming for this:

WAGO Compact splicing connector (222-412)

But that part is only rated for up to 12 AWG wire. Since the OP wants to connect 10 AWG to 12 AWG, that connector won't work. I couldn't find any rated for 10 AWG on the site in the 2 minutes I spent there.

 on: Today at 01:55:25 pm 
Started by Tom Harrison - Last post by Steve Payne
Hi everybody
I'm a newly registered member but have been following the forum for a while. I need a pair of speakers and a pair of subs for small live and corporate event. Mainly for music playback and vocal with acoustics or soundtrack. Will be playing around 100dB or less so overall SPL doesn't matter. Weight and costs are also not a factor as we're not going to expand this system. The main criteria is sound quality and nothing else, must have liquid smooth and warm midrange for vocal and smooth high end. I'd like to hear your experience/opinion before I attempt to demo these. A lot of local distributors don't carry both brands. So here it is:

Nexo PS10R2 + LS600 + the brand new/refreshed amp NXAMP4X2MK2 (now 1200 watts 8 ohms instead of 1000 in the older model)
L'Acoustics X12 + SB18 + LA-4X amp

They're different sizes and it's not going to be a fair fight but I'm looking for that haunting realism, open, and smooth sound. Can Nexo come close to the coherent coaxial design? I can get either systems for about the same price zone so sound quality is the only thing being considered here.  Thanks!

I am not sure how you narrowed your search down to those 2 systems, but, if sound quality is your only criteria and powered boxes are an option, I suggest you listen to Fulcrum Acoustics FA22AC and TS215AC.  This is the sweetest small point source system I have ever heard.

 on: Today at 01:53:51 pm 
Started by Bob Faulkner - Last post by Bob Faulkner
Has anyone used Scotch Guard on their tents to help water-proof them? 

Looks like there is Scotch Guard available for tent/fabric for outdoor use.  If this stuff works, this will greatly open other doors for locating something that will work.

 on: Today at 01:53:18 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Luke Geis
Am I understanding it correctly that it is an electronic drum sound that is sent to the PA that is triggered by the acoustic drum set? As a self provided band I could see that as an option, but as a systems provider there is no way that could work. What is the true point of this? If you have an acoustic drum set in a small venue, the sampled sounds will be of little use or effect. Just not seeing how this can really help.

Or is it actually a drum mic that the head unit manipulates the acoustic sounds to be what you hear? I heard the recordingsthey have on the site, but it is not clear if that sound was the acoustic drums with the effect of the head unit, or if the sound was 100% sampled.

 on: Today at 01:51:03 pm 
Started by Tom Harrison - Last post by Tim McCulloch
The Nexo PS series is getting a bit long in the tooth and for the l'Acoustic to sound subjectively better is not a surprise.

 on: Today at 01:41:29 pm 
Started by Jay Barracato - Last post by Jay Barracato
For analog circuitry I agree and age old techniques to parse out intermittence include cold spray (to force thermal stress), and percussive (tapping) troubleshooting for mechanical stress. OTOH modern digital circuitry can get into what appear to be intermittent states from combinations of flawed software, and or obscure button press combinations. While technically this is deterministic, this can be very difficult to replicate.

I have one digital controlled appliance that can lock up under random powering up sequences. Almost impossible for me to troubleshoot (without access to code, boot-up circuitry, etc). I just leave it always powered up. (Life is short and I already fix enough of other product designer's mistakes.) 

A little like a couple of my GFCI outlets that randomly trip for no known reason. One likes to trip when power is interrupted. I don't know how to fix that, other than replacement, while I doubt the fault is from old age or stress.


PS: A classic joke about percussive repair is that the repairman charges the big bucks because he knows where to smack it.  ::)
Yeah, I sometimes get odd responses if I forget to boot the coffee pot before I bring the toaster into the kitchen network. I usually end up having to reflash the toasters firmware from a jump drive. On the other hand the can opener seems to communicate with either flawlessly

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