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 on: Today at 03:26:59 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Jeff Bankston
I use an electron stacker to improve my sound quality. Btw I have an audio file listed under BS.

 on: Today at 02:27:55 am 
Started by Charles Razzell - Last post by Tim Weaver

 on: Today at 02:19:37 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Chris Hindle
What, isn't this common knowledge ?
"poorly assembled" indeed.... ::)

This "access to unlimited information" is going to doom our planet.
Once upon a time, people had to pay good money to get a book published, or a movie made and distributed. This weeded out most of the BS. (except BoSe.)
Now, anyone can publish ANYTHING, and "Well, I saw it on the internet. Must be true" mentality has taken over those of lesser minds and analytical capability.
Sad, truly sad.


 on: Today at 02:05:00 am 
Started by David Pedd - Last post by Jonathan Goodall
I don't have to deal with riders very often but did have one a couple of years ago that was fairly straight forward apart from a quite specific Fender amp, no substitute I was informed. I ended up sourcing one and getting it freighted from half way across the country.  Got all set up for the show and the talent finally arrived, carrying a guitar case and pushing a flight case with, you guessed it, the amp requested listed in the rider.
The reaction when reaching the stage was "Oh, you've got one".
Further discussion revealed that basically no one else had bothered to get them one so they just started carrying their own.  Yes, they knew it was still on the rider but oh well.  Oh, and they preferred to use the one they had with them as it was already setup.

 on: Today at 01:39:30 am 
Started by dick rees - Last post by Chris Hindle
Antimony is a color?

Note: only two metals have color, gold and copper.  All others are various shades of gray (that would be grey for you Brits).
Not yet maybe..........  ;D

Huh, according to Wiki....
"Antimony is a native element that can occur in a natural state, but it is rarely pure. It almost always contains some arsenic, and may also contain traces of silver, iron, and sulfur. On a fresh or preserved surface, Antimony has a tin-white color with a slight blue tinge. Otherwise, it is dark gray due to tarnish."

Well Propmaster, keep thos IEMs nice and polished up for Spock and Uhura.

 on: Today at 12:55:06 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by BrianHenry
This is fake news.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

 on: Today at 12:10:09 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Luke Geis
Holy FN crap........ Seriously, they actually believe this??????

Hi, I'm an electron trapped in a wire / signal path. I want to move but I don't like making any sort of turns whatsoever.......

So what do we do about inductors in crossovers and in the tuners?

Oh what about the turns in the coil of a speaker?

 on: Today at 12:02:14 am 
Started by frank kayser - Last post by Luke Geis
Was unaware of a tree line!!! If the client wasn't happy last year, then they need to open the pocket book. They had to know based on cost alone that there was no way in hell it was going to improve. Then to change the game and make the problem worse......

This is not 100% your fault. The client needed to be more upfront and give you a real idea of what was needed. Granted you still walked in on a crappy deal, but many clients know better than that. They possibly half expected you to just make it work better than last year for a comparable price?

I would definitely try and eek a budget out of them and see if you can make things work. Many other vendors will work out a discount program for others in their business to help make it easier. Perhaps I am lucky in that all my competition ( if you want to call it that ) offer a 50% discount on equipment ( an offer I also extend ). It's worth asking to see if you can get that type of relationship going anyway.

 on: Yesterday at 11:39:06 pm 
Started by Riley Casey - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
Thanks for the TC suggestion, I was unaware of those.  Very appealing at eight pounds.  Might have to recone one of the spare D140 frames I have in the shop as a D130 and put it in a box.  That helped make my old B15 shine back in the day.

Chris loves the TC stuff - he doesn't usually use backline so he has a TC BH550 that goes direct. He beams FX through the pickup - check out tone print.

 on: Yesterday at 11:20:17 pm 
Started by Charles Razzell - Last post by Mac Kerr
So, would this be a likely cat5 set up:

Dante primary out on TF3/5 over cat 5 to a Tio or Rio stage box's primary in, near the stage.
THEN, come out of the secondary Dante out on the Tio/Rio into an 8 channel router that the Studio Tech 362's plug into.

Would that work? After watching Yamaha set up videos linking three Tio stage boxes, it seems the secondary out on the boxes can be used in a daisy chain configuration.

Sorry if I am asking newbie questions, Dante set ups are kind of new to me. I really appreciate the info on this forum. Super helpful and inspiring.


It is possible to use a daisy chain configuration, but that is not the way I would do it. Since you propose having a switch anyway why not just plug all the stage gear into it? Use a GB network switch and plug all your devices into that with CAT5. If you want to have a secondary network, get a second switch and plug the secondary port of all your devices into that network. What I do is use at least 4 switches, 2 at FOH, and 2 onstage, with the Primary and Secondary networks run on 2 CAT5 or 2 fiber pairs between FOH and stage. Fiber is more reliable, and more rugged, but also more expensive.

The switches do not have to be expensive or exotic. Pretty much any GB 8 port switch will be fine if all you are running is your Dante network. The only caveat is to avoid EEE mode "green" switches.


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