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 on: Today at 09:24:56 am 
Started by Callan Browne - Last post by Tim Weaver
Haze in a room is kinda like the smoking section in a restaurant. You can tell it to only smoke in one spot, but the whole place still smells like an ashtray.

 on: Today at 08:53:13 am 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Mike Sokol
Five died in a Turkish water park from Electric Shock Drowning (ESD). Water and electricity don't mix...

Three children and two adults who tried to rescue them have been electrocuted in a water park in north-western Turkey, local media say.
The incident happened in the town of Akyazi, in Sakarya province, 100km (62 miles) east of Istanbul.

The park manager and his son dived in to help the three children. The five, believed to be all Turkish, were taken to hospital but could not be saved. It was unclear how the pool had become electrified.

Rescuers and park personnel flushed the pool's water away as others turned off electricity in the facility. One other person was injured in the incident and taken to hospital. An investigation has already begun.

The Hurriyet newspaper named the park manager as Mehmet Kaya, 58, and his son as Kadir Kaya, 30. The children were aged 12, 15 and 17, Turkish media said.

 on: Today at 08:29:15 am 
Started by Pedro Marques - Last post by Dustin Walker
Hi Pedro,

Others are correct about the fact that by changing your driver you won't keep the limit light from coming on. The only gain that could be made would be if the "RCF" woofer would have a higher sensitivity rating than the original. This would possibly give you more output, which I assume your trying to achieve being these are not very powerful subs.

There are many more factors than "sensitivity" to keep in mind though. The EV cabinet could possibly allow the "RCF" to overextend it's xmax and eventually destroy itself. If the RCF driver is rated to handle way more power that what the amp can put out, it (RCF) may be just fine due to that fact that your only giving it 700w RMS / 1400w MAX. So your going to have to do your homework to see if it would give the increase your looking for.

You need to find a "cabinet calculator" (which can be found online) and fill in the cabinet specs as well as the RCF's specs to see what the outcome would be. I would assume you might be able to contact EV to see if they could give you a spec sheet on the factory woofer and cab. I wouldn't expect much from them, but it's worth a try.

This is a lot of info to take in, but maybe others could explain it better than I. I hope this helps you find some resolve to your problem.

 on: Today at 07:36:17 am 
Started by Chris Edwards - Last post by Marjan Milosevic
18 sound bought Ciare but nothing has changed, yet

If by that you mean no Ciare product is yet available since the purchase, then yes, you are right.

 on: Today at 05:14:03 am 
Started by Chris Edwards - Last post by Jeff Bankston
18 sound bought Ciare but nothing has changed, yet

 on: Today at 05:10:23 am 
Started by Callan Browne - Last post by Lyle Williams
That was my fear.  Anyway, 1/3rd off plus free freight plus end-of-financial-year (Australia) tipped me over the edge.

I hope it's not a boat andhor.  :-)

 on: Today at 03:43:39 am 
Started by Gus Housen - Last post by Jean-Pierre Coetzee
Disclaimer: Bands I work with use 30-50 watt valves turned up to max so the extra space doesn't really make too much difference.

 on: Today at 03:39:08 am 
Started by Jesse Stern - Last post by Jean-Pierre Coetzee
I am not sure if you are talking about the same thing I am but I sometimes have a bunch of wireless that are properly coordinated for a location and then we need to add some more. I am using Wireless Workbench 6.12 and I use a WinRadio as a scanner, I have found that it is more accurate than using the Shure receivers as the scanners and sometimes I am trying to add frequencies in a range that is outside of the Shure receivers. I am using Shure UHF-R sometimes mixed with some Sennheiser EW series wireless and also having to keep clear of the wireless comms.

Rather than from the start throwing away the coordination I already have, I lock those channels and after a scan see if I can add the Sennheiser without having to retune the already coordinated Shure’s. I have had mixed results. Sometimes I have to retune a few of the Shure’s but WWB will tell me which ones are going to be a problem. And I have it reassign frequencies to those.

I have slightly changed my technique and am usually now putting some spare channels in to start with. But sometimes the scan shows something that wasn’t there before and I have to do more retuning then I would like.     

Our standard wireless setup for Musicals consists of 18 Shure UHF-R and 8 Sennheiser EW series. And one of the theaters has 5 frequencies taken up with the Telex wireless comms. And sometimes we need to add more mics to the system. Even though these theaters aren’t that far away from each other (just over 2 miles) I do seem to get very slightly different hits when scanning.
To an extent that. If you work the same venues the RF should usually be similar in the same venue every time. There are exceptions.

Just trying to solve the actual need to change frequencies the whole time instead of trying to use predefined groups for OP.

 on: Today at 03:27:55 am 
Started by Jonathan Hiemberg - Last post by Scott Holtzman
i stand by the marantz of the day. A bit pricey these days, was amazed at what mine brought on ebay.

The Marantz receivers were works of art.  Loved the feel of the flywheel on the tuner.  I agree 100% 

I do like components personally.  I run an Integra (Onkyo's upscale line) preamp both in the family room and the home theater.  In the more music system in the family room I have a pair of mid 80's Infinity's with the emit tweeter and they work well for me.  My Carver amps were rebuilt about 20 years ago and I think they will outlive me.  I don't have an analog source anymore.  Oppo Blu Ray player has a great DAC in it and plays all formats of discs and digital media.

 on: Today at 02:55:26 am 
Started by Mike Willis - Last post by Baines Kinnison
Unfortunately, as a small-format service provider most of our clients don't have the interest, time, resources or money to invest in event safety to the degree that they should. We warn them, urge them, dictate via contracts and persist as much as possible but ultimately we just have to err on the side of caution. I've passed on many events that didn't have safety concerns in check but sadly, I cannot afford to pass on every one of them though...and there can be a fine line so don't demonize me yet.
Our "Terms of Service" attachment signed by our client states that we get to "make the call" if weather threatens an event we are working on as the sole provider. While that might sound like a solution, it is not. We have been pressured over and over in the past to continue with events threatened by foul weather. It can be very scary and it is far more dangerous than guests seem to realize to invite artists on stage to plug in and perform when the sky looks ominous. If you can hear thunder even a little, it is a bad idea to continue. Actually, it is unlawful and negligent in my neck of the woods. Gear can be cannot replace people. 

Guidelines, Protocol, Best Practices, take your pic, just be sure to establish it with your clients... but be prepared to roll those dice when your client's weather app forecasts different weather from yours. Standing your ground can cost you the next gig. I would rather admit to that than to have to say that we could have electrocuted an artist performing during some iffy weather.

I know this might only apply to smaller scale events vs the million dollar shows but that points to the initial question Mike was posing, me thinks.

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