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 on: Today at 08:31:39 pm 
Started by John Penkala - Last post by Tim McCulloch
Here's my take, based on 35 years of not dying or killing anyone with electrical power....

If this *entire* facility is wired in this manner it will likely function in a manner that does not present direct and immediate hazards to the staff or patrons.

The likelihood of fire, injury or death increases significantly if only part of the facility is wired this way and multiple extension cords are run from various places for use in a single location.  It's also a future problem when maintenance, replacement or expansion occurs and this charming little deviation from Code gets "corrected" in the new work, but the old work does not get changed. 

 on: Today at 08:28:01 pm 
Started by Nitin Sidhu - Last post by olakunle odebode

I may see myself doing an event in Lagos, Nigeria. If anyone has worked in that part of the world, I would appreciate a recommendation which I can forward to the promoter.

I travel with a fairly standard band, the event is fair type, with bout 3K in attendance. As I have been told.

Please feel free to pm.
Thank you all.

I have a good contact in Lagos Nigeria, who might be able to support your request, or refer you to others, if he is unable to meet your requirements.

There are definitely good businesses who can address this, as some of the largest concerts in the world have been handled with significant local support, in Lagos.

I'll PM you the contact email details.

 on: Today at 08:22:49 pm 
Started by John Penkala - Last post by frank kayser
If these use similar technology to 3 lamp testers, they may have similar vulnerabilities.

D'oh! Never thought of that comparison, but after you pointed out that possibility (probability), I'm just left shaking my head for missing that obvious question.  Damn.

Oh well, they seem to be well made connectors, better than most I've seen and used. The 20a version easily and securely clamps on to 10/3 SEOOW cable.  And Ooooo, the pretty colors, the colors!

 on: Today at 08:07:15 pm 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Jonathan Johnson
No worries.  Future engineering for such proud brands as JBL, Crown, dbx, Soundcraft, etc. will now be in the hands of the people who brought you TVs that spy on you, spontaneously combustible cell phones and exploding washing machines!


So if I have a Gmail account I can mix that corporate job in Minneapolis from my Android phone? While sitting on a sunny beach drinking a cold beverage?

What happens when someone on stage sings a copyrighted song? Does Google automatically turn the mic off?

 on: Today at 08:05:51 pm 
Started by John Penkala - Last post by frank kayser
For me RPBG is a deal breaker-and no way I am gonna have an adapter laying around to fix that-that's a hazard in itself.

Reversed polarity?  Depending on gear and setup.  Obviously, first look for an alternative-however in most modern gear polarity is not an issue-nor really is voltage if something is happy from 90-240 volts.

IMO, polarity is really more of an issue for the electrician's-once they leave leve they have no control over what is plugged in there and if someone plugs in an Eico tube amp like the one I used to run on a metal bookshelf in my room as a teen that has it's chassis tied to one side of the line that can get ugly. If you know and are aware and can control what is plugged in, honestly you are probably OK.  Again, really don't like the idea of an adapter unless it is kept under lock and key for teaching purposes only!

It never ceases to amaze me the translation that occurs between my mind and fingers. (BIG sigh)

The reversal adapter that crossed my mind was a HOT neutral swap, not a GROUND neutral swap as my fingers mistakenly tapped out.

Again, really don't like the idea of an adapter unless it is kept under lock and key for teaching purposes only!

Agreed.  Even if I wrote what I meant, your last statement covers that, too.

 on: Today at 07:48:00 pm 
Started by Rich Grisier - Last post by Jeff Lelko
Hi Rich,

Yes, you can go the route of a dedicated part such as the Ultimate Support products, however I find those VERY expensive for what they are (I mean $45 for a paper-thin bar with a few holes?).  While it'll work, I've had luck shopping the spare/replacement parts sites of the stands I use.  Odyssey sells their crossbars for about a third the price of Ultimate's option, though I don't recall the exact dimensions off the top of my head.  They're what I use for lighter duty trees.

If holes and aesthetics aren't a concern EMT is the way to go.  Much stronger and robust than the flimsy masts and crossbars that come with most Guitar Center truss/tripod kits - I've actually snapped one of these before...not from overloading but likely from cyclic fatigue.  The EMT will also not dent from C-clamps either (tightened within reason) and the price can't be beaten.  You can always go with the Schedule 40 black pipe too, but that's probably a lot heavier than what you need.  It's great for moving head trees though!  If you must have parts with strength data available I believe The Light Source can sell you pipe, but I'm not sure if they carry 1.5" OD.   

That is a 2" bar though, and you specifically asked for 1.5". What is the reason for the 1.5" OD spec? 12" truss is 2" and sch40 pipe is 1.9". What uses 1.5"?

My guess is for compatibility with his O-clamps and/or existing trussing that uses the 1.5" plastic junction pieces.  I'll let Rich speak for himself though!  Hope this helps!

 on: Today at 06:47:59 pm 
Started by Scott Holtzman - Last post by John Fruits
My favorite name for a barbecue joint is this one in Fort Wayne:

 on: Today at 06:47:01 pm 
Started by Jonathan Johnson - Last post by Keith Broughton
never mind...

 on: Today at 06:26:36 pm 
Started by John Reid - Last post by Ivan Boticki
db technologies DVA S08DP , should fit your needs.

 on: Today at 05:43:56 pm 
Started by David Pedd - Last post by David Pedd
$800 - as shown - works great.

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