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 on: Today at 07:52:15 am 
Started by John L Nobile - Last post by Geert Friedhof
That's the way I wanted to go. Budget wants to go another way.

And who is going to recharge and deploy them?

 on: Today at 07:42:03 am 
Started by chayton stotts - Last post by Stu McDoniel
We have two etx-35p 15 three-way powered loudspeakers in our permanent setup, both of which were running perfectly a couple days ago. I come in today and neither speaker is putting out any audio. I can see that it/s receiving the signal because of the meter on the screen on the back. It's putting out a faint buzzing sound (which I'm assuming is just a power hum). EVERY time I touch either one I get a pretty big shock of static electricity and occasionally this causes the subs that they're ran through to cut out for a second. I've tried the lines through other speakers and they work, and I've also tried these speakers on other lines with the same results. Does this sound like a speaker issue? I didn't think static electricity could affect speakers of this size and build but I don't really know. the room has really thick carpet and is an extremely static-y(?) area anyway. ANY input at all would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
Also go through your AC source and make sure everything is in order with it. Hot/Neutral/Ground and voltage.

 on: Today at 07:32:23 am 
Started by Dave Guilford - Last post by David Allred
Can you work a deal with your dealer where you buy both, test, and return one for credit?  It will cost you a little shipping expense, but you get the light you want. 

 on: Today at 07:24:25 am 
Started by Mike Mottsey - Last post by Mike Mottsey
Se electronics voodoo VR1 ribbon mic, new still in box w/wooden case, shock mount & clip. $350.00


 on: Today at 07:19:17 am 
Started by Keith Broughton - Last post by Keith Broughton
It occurs to me I could use the headset connection from a com beltpack, through transformers (for iso) and a couple of pots (for level control) to a cable terminated in RJ9.
Plug that into any phone available.

 on: Today at 07:11:16 am 
Started by Kurt Hutchison - Last post by Scott Bolt
The DSR will play louder but doesn't really have much bass.  Not a good choice for between 80-200.  The DSR's strong point is the CD/horn that doesn't give out like the QSCs and others.  The DXR actually has more bottom and is a better stand alone (no subs) box.  If you had to run a bass though one, or use it as a drum monitor will lots of the bass guitar in it, the DXR would be the better choice.  For front line monitors where clarity of vocals and SPL are paramount, the DSR would win.
I agree .... if he is not using a sub.

When used over subs, I find that the DSR112 woofer is actually more potent than the DXR woofer between 80-200 Hz. 

As you point out, the DSR112 has nothing really below 80Hz where the DXR does.  It doesn't make a good stand alone DJ box at all IMO.  It works really well stand alone for acoustic gigs though.

 on: Today at 06:36:31 am 
Started by Jim McKeveny - Last post by Alec Spence
Where it comes in handy is if you're using an X32 rack.  It's got 16 mic level inputs, but you can re-map 6 of the line level inputs to channels and end up with a 22 channel mixer.  I've done that myself, and it works great.
It also comes in handy if you're using an S32 or 2x16, to help get around the limitation of having to patch inputs in banks of 8.  If you wanted just one or two local mic inputs on the X32, you'd have had to assign a bank of 8 local inputs, leaving only 24 inputs from the stage end.

If you assign the local 1-2, 1-4, or 1-6 to the aux inputs, and the remote stageboxes to 1-32, you then have 38 mic channels available.  Only 32 of them will be fully functional (dynamics etc), but some remapping of inputs can easily give you what you need.

 on: Today at 06:04:40 am 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by Keith Broughton
, but it sounds to me like Nathan is bothered that someone is going to be crushed by a speaker. Not that he'll be responsible, but that someone may die because of this client's ignorance.

Many bad things happen because of ignorance but you can't be responsible.
Walk away.

 on: Today at 04:40:32 am 
Started by Sean Chen - Last post by Mac Kerr
Thanks for the heads up. So is the FCC verbiage below no longer applicable?

"...and unlicensed wireless microphones may operate on a portion of the 600 MHz guard band (614-616 MHz) or a portion of the 600 MHz duplex gap (657-663 MHz)."

Just to state the obvious, the frequencies you asked about are not in that range.


 on: Today at 03:58:18 am 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by Chris Grimshaw
This is all fine from the perspective of covering oneself, but it sounds to me like Nathan is bothered that someone is going to be crushed by a speaker. Not that he'll be responsible, but that someone may die because of this client's ignorance.

I haven't been in that situation myself, but my approach would be to point out that the lower-cost installation won't be up to standard, and here's a list of probable outcomes, including jail time, very large fines, closing of venue etc etc etc. Make it very obvious that if something happens, lives will be ruined, and not just the poor person that happened to have a speaker hit them.
If they want to proceed after that, I'd watch from a safe distance and then make an anonymous call to whoever checks these things out. With a bit of luck, they'll be slapped with a smaller fine and closed until the rigging is up to standard. You might even get the job of fixing it.

Sometimes a good hard reality check is enough to set people straight.


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