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 on: Today at 02:30:06 pm 
Started by Richard Penrose - Last post by Robert Lofgren
I'm one of those who actually dislikes the se425 but I like the se535.

Ive owned the 215 and 425. Speaking from experience, the 425 has more fidelity and vocals and instruments sound better. The 215 does have more bass and some people like that. I do like the 425 but if you play bass or drums, you most likely would want a 3-way set.

 on: Today at 02:27:37 pm 
Started by Jeff Schoonover1 - Last post by Jeff Bankston
Biamp it.

 on: Today at 02:02:58 pm 
Started by MIKE Lynn - Last post by Ivan Beaver
The driver looks like a update of Mr Danley's Servodrive concept.
Curious to hear what he thinks of the driver.
Tom...Ivan ??
About the only thing is has in common with the servodrive is that the driver is round and it produces sound.  It pretty much stops there.

The driver in question is basically a "backwards" loudspeaker.  Instead of a moving coil, it has a moving magnet.

The servo drive was a motor (used in data transport machines) that rotated and went through a rotary to linear mechanism that drove the cones.  The cones were basically common cones (no magnet or voice coil) that were dipped in epoxy to make them stronger and had a half round surround for long excursion.

These drivers were then mounted in a horn to get extra output.

 on: Today at 02:00:55 pm 
Started by Nick Pires - Last post by Robert Schoneman
If you open it up there's likely a sticker on the back of the display telling you what it is. I know most of the current single-display SD consoles (11,9,8,10) use a Sharp display unit. Also, if you shine a flashlight on the display can you see an image? A lot of times the backlights just fail and sometimes you can find the parts and repair it yourself.

I can't tell you anything specific on the D1 but what you're looking for is called an open-frame display. They're common for industrial and embedded applications. Someone who builds custom control panels (machine controls and the like) would likely be able to get you what you need.

On DiGiCo desks the touchscreens are a resistive overlay and they talk directly to the engine - likely via I2C. I've never seen a DiGiCo console with any software touchscreen drivers so the coms protocol is going to be the most important thing presuming you can't separate the display from the overlay in which case you just need a display.

 on: Today at 01:53:47 pm 
Started by Rodney Connelly - Last post by Ivan Beaver
But remember- it "IS" a line array, and is scaleable.

Isn't that all that is important??????

Ducking and hiding now---------

 on: Today at 01:46:42 pm 
Started by Rodney Connelly - Last post by Justice C. Bigler
That's some mighty fine riggin' there.

 on: Today at 01:28:54 pm 
Started by Alberto Escrina - Last post by Helge Dr. Bentsen
One of the funny things you can do with a modern sound system is compensating for less than ideal speaker placements.

I did a theatre gig a while back without fly points for the touring system, so we grounstacked the system and adapted our coverage to the audience. Sounded amazing and the even level distribution we archieved with this less than ideal speaker placement was impressive.
Added bonus: teardown and loadout took 20 minutes for the whole audio system.

It would have been very difficult if not impossible  to archieve this using a ground stacked pointsource rig.

Pictures here:

 on: Today at 01:17:35 pm 
Started by Tim Hite - Last post by Tim Hite
. . . Any major standouts to you?

The prime rib at The Golden Steer was definitely the highlight of my day. It's less than a mile from the LVCC. There is a cigar lounge immediately adjacent. Don't miss out.

New RCF Line Array HDL30 sounded great on outdoor demo stage. 2x8 box hangs plus 12 SUB 9006 were able to punch out 108dB at FOH. LDI was giving booths to audio manufacturers, and the small show allowed for spending time with my reps getting more detailed product knowledge. Lectrosonics Venue wireless system is really impressive, 6 channels in 1U.

X-Laser has a new 5W beam show device that it controlled with DMX through a normal lighting desk. Should make it easier for LDs to add laser FX to their shows.

To/Go ( has nice aluminum modular staging (similar to SteelDeck) that clips together without pins and bolts. ModTruss looked interesting, goes together like an erector set, with lots of cool attachment options. Global Truss gear driven DT lifts, they're really nice. Tons of video walls for big $$$.  Columbus/McKinnion won't tell what they put on their hoist chains to make them so expensive. Orion Software has a really nice rental house package to organize your stuff. Lex will deliver any cable you can dream up, including any to any NEMA 3-way tees. Hubbell makes PowerCON compatible connectors and plug in circuit testers for twist lock plugs.

I only made it over for a day because I had a show on Saturday in Palm Springs. The sessions looked interesting, but alas, no time to attend.

 on: Today at 12:53:04 pm 
Started by Mark Stanger - Last post by Mark Stanger
Thanks everyone for the helpful thoughts. We were able to get it working- mostly. My first issue was the cards were mis-labeled in Dante controller, (slot 1 vs slot 2) which causes lots of issues with which card is the one I designated as the clock master, and such. The second and persistent issue is that while Slot 1's card is solid and working well now, slot 2 is intermittent, losing sync often, making the inputs that are connected to it cut out completely for several seconds. We are running on 16 channels only now and haven't had any issues with the rest of the system after that. I tried using another cable for the slot 2 card, but is there any other thing to try to get it to stop losing sync? I'm assuming at this point I just have a bad my16 card, unless there's something else to try. Thanks

 on: Today at 12:31:11 pm 
Started by Zaharescu Mihai - Last post by Ray Aberle
So are you saying you have 2 amplifiers ganged together with different inputs? Model numbers might help.
Model numbers are posted in the initial post of the thread. :)


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