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 on: Today at 11:32:19 am 
Started by Mac Kerr - Last post by Mac Kerr
I got an interesting gig for this coming week. It is an immersive audio experience, but it's the location that got me interested. We will be mic'ing an 8 piece orchestral ensemble inside the Bell Labs anechoic chamber. They will play with a piano in an adjoining room that has 64 Genelec speakers. The audience will be in the room with the piano. The ensemble will be processed with a Sonic Emotions Wave 1 3D processor with routing to the 64 speakers via a 64x64 MADI router from a Digico SD11. The ensemble will be on headphones with Aviom mixers.

I took the job so I could go inside the chamber.


 on: Today at 11:32:04 am 
Started by Jay Marr - Last post by Robert Piascik
It looks like your speakers weigh around 60 lbs. I would go with Ultimate TS-99 for the wider base. But it's also taller which makes it more difficult to hump your speaker up if you're by yourself. And for the extra $20 or so I don't see ANY reason to not have the telelock feature, to me that is just a no-brainer.

 on: Today at 11:26:14 am 
Started by Vinny Dell'Accio - Last post by Vinny Dell'Accio

Thanks for your reply.   Hope you don't mind, I paraphrased some info from some of your posts so I want to give credit where due.  You are a big help to many.

I probably would have done exactly what you did with your speaker choices, but I think not having any powered speakers yet, I should just go for a little more money and use a SRX system.  I was thinking of a PRX710/710 over PRX715/718XLF since it is light and inexpensive for small jobs and volunteering, but to avoid expense the SRX can be used for both. 

I do have 4 Yamaha 15" Clubs, 2 JBL JRX dual 15s, and a Yamaha StagePas i400 compact 8s over a 12 for my volunteer jobs, the Yamaha is great for quick small events.  Currently, I do mostly volunteering, years back I did pro for 15 years, want to go pro again.  Typically, I would do jobs at halls, restaurants, and catering halls, occasionally outdoor events for 50-200, this October I'm doing 1000+ and just have to bring everything I have, but need big cheap subs.  The SRX 835s over 2 828s would be sufficient I bet rather than carry 3-4 pairs of speakers and possibly subs to assist my double-15s.

That leaves me with SRX812/815/835.
835s - If weight and money no object I heard the 835s are magical, great sound and loud.  The narrow dispersion I heard was not an issue for most in other forums, but like you I'm concerned coverage may not be adequate for certain room dimensions.  On the other hand, the narrow dispersion may yield more focused sound and less reflections from the walls, good for rooms that are overly reflective, little sound absorption; then outside or in very large rooms, the 835s would have more throw.  Some tend to face the 835s in to each other more, only an issue if you need uniform sound in a very wide room.

Would be great to hear from anyone who can compare  the 835s to the 812s with subs or the 815s for sound quality in the shared frequency ranges.  Also if easier to carry 2 835s vs. 812s with subs (4 speakers).

812s vs. 815s - There are so many responses that 12s have better sound or clarity than 15s.  Maybe on high-end, like SRX or DSR, this is not an issue.  The 3-way seems ideal since vocals predominantly have the dedicated midrange and beaming is totally avoided.  The 15s and 12s to a lesser extent by actual physics have beaming but using a better HF horn and DSP compensates.
If the SRX815s sound very close to the 812s for vocals, midrange, and overall clarity, might as well buy them since only 5 more pounds than the 812s.  Then they can be used solo or with subs.

Final thoughts:
The PRX710/712s over a PRX715XLF would be fairly light 36-42 lb. over 56 lb. subs.
The SRX815s with or without subs, 62 lbs. if sound quality equal to 812s.
The SRX812s over subs, 58 lbs. over 87 lb. subs (PRX 18 sub not much lighter)
The SRX835s only option that would handle 90% without subs, probably opt for 1 828 centered.  Most people if money no object would by multiple subs to keep up with tops.

If I had to buy today,  it would be either the SRX812s(vocals) vs. 815s(instruments, fuller sound, more bass), the 815s would win.  If 835 price and weight not an issue, no issue with 60 degree dispersion, the 835s would handle all types of sound, may grab the PRX710s for $400 to fill-in possible gaps close-up to stage.  If 2 818s are close to sound of 1 828, think this would be more flexible since center cluster would yield close to same SPL.


 on: Today at 11:25:44 am 
Started by Corey Scogin - Last post by Tim Weaver
Willie has been using that rig since Christ was a cowboy. And I donít see them changing anytime soon.

Metallica (Big Mick) and the RHCP (Dave Ratt) are the othe notable holdouts.

 on: Today at 10:55:17 am 
Started by Jay Marr - Last post by Jeff Lelko
I have a collection of Ultimate Support TS-90s, TS-100s, Global Truss ST-132s, and assorted Odyssey stands.  For the money, the TS-90s are by far the best for general use.  The TeleLock mechanism works well and helps to keep you safe while raising the speaker (no pinched hands).  I only need the TS-100s for my 100 pound QSC mains, and even then I don't go terribly high with them.  For that I have my ST-132s (though if I had to re-buy today I'd go for a DT series stand).

From a technical standpoint, stability is determined by the center of gravity of the entire setup and it's relationship to the base of the setup.  Once the center of gravity (CG) drifts outside the area occupied by the base, you'll tip over.  Adding weight to the base such as ballast or using a heavier stand helps add stability by lowering the CG, and using a larger base to begin with adds area. 

I've wondered the same thing myself regarding the 90-degree offset of the legs on the Ultimate Support stands.  From a stability standpoint I have yet to see how that would help anything, not to mention that transposing the load through a 90-degree joint would add more stress to the assembly.     

 on: Today at 10:52:58 am 
Started by Corey Scogin - Last post by Justice C. Bigler
I honestly don't remember the last time I saw a Broadway tour with an analog console. Maybe Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, five or six years ago? Cadac J-Type, of course.

 on: Today at 10:44:41 am 
Started by Jay Marr - Last post by Mike Caldwell
For solid basic solid speaker stands, Ultimate TS88 or K&M 214/6

 on: Today at 10:12:19 am 
Started by Jay Marr - Last post by Jay Marr
K&M 213 is really nice.

Looks like a nice solid stand.  But not looking for anything with a gas/hand crank assist.

 on: Today at 09:30:44 am 
Started by Jay Marr - Last post by Helge A Bentsen
K&M 213 is really nice.

 on: Today at 09:18:31 am 
Started by Jay Marr - Last post by Jay Marr
I've been using a pair of inexpensive ProLine tripods for years.  They're aluminum (light) and pretty beat up at this point.
I also have a pair of old On Stage steel (I think, because they're really heavy) tripods in the basement that need some new hardware (stripped, but easy to repair).
So that's what's in my inventory.

The ProLine stands are fine with a set of 12" tops, but when I put my RCF NXL24s on them, they're a little flimsy/tippy.
I think I've gotten my moneys worth out of them and it's time to invest in something to make sure my gear is a safe as it can be.

So what do people recommend?

I'm a little unsure of what REALLY makes a difference in tripod stability, so if somebody has some good insight on this, I'd love to hear it.
Does the weight of the tripod help keep it stable (steel)?  Is the base diameter the biggest factor?  Do longer legs create more stability?  Do the Ultimate Stands with the legs attaching on the side of the collar make a difference?  (Their reps say it creates a wider diameter at the leg connection point, which is more stable, but I don't know if that is true or snake oil?)

One other point - I don't need the gas assist, hand crank or anything of that nature.  Putting any of my speakers on a fully extended stand is a simple task for me.  And the weight of the unit does not make my load in any easier/hard (I don't need them to be light)

Love to hear from anyone who can share some facts and recommendations.  Thanks!

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