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 on: Today at 04:40:55 pm 
Started by Kirby Yarbrough - Last post by Kirby Yarbrough
This is usually a firewall issue with your computer.

Some progress: uninstalled and reinstalled DVS and Controller, and I can now patch to/from the laptop and the QL1.  BUT, the laptop still doesn't appear as a mounted device on the QL1, so I can't select a Dante channel to send or receive from the QL1.

 on: Today at 04:22:12 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
Debbie, just food for thought...

I recently upgraded from DSR's to RCF NX 45-A. (I got them new for a pretty healthy discount.) Wow! What a noticeable difference it made. It was as if someone had removed the army blanket from over my DSR's. The word clarity has a whole new meaning to me now. I'll never go back to MI gear.

My review here...,168797.0.html

EDIT: I still have (and love) the DSR's. I use them for stage monitors, delay fills, or those little SOS jobs. I also wanted to add that I believe the whole NX line sounds somewhat similar to one another.

Oh thank you Gordon! I had missed your review - although quite recent, maybe I didn't care to read through as I wasn't intending to make any changes at that time. Reading it now!!

So, it sounds like the RCF's hang quite well in that 'above MI' category but are still relatively affordable for us weekend warrior types. This could be my sweet spot. I'd really prefer 12's so I hope they would sound as good as the 15's??

Also, why did you choose the NX series over the TT series ?

Back to researching......

 on: Today at 04:19:31 pm 
Started by Josh Billings - Last post by Josh Billings
Doing some spring cleaning. Located in Orange County, CA, but will consider shipping.

SKB 10 Space Rack $150 (w/ Wheels + $80) -

Road Ready 12 Space Rack $250 -

QSC PL236 - - $500

All prices are OBO. Looking to sell by the end of the year, so no huge hurry. Lowest I'll consider is 15% off these prices, just depends on the interest I'm getting.


 on: Today at 04:06:06 pm 
Started by Gary Weller - Last post by Keith Broughton
"They are in the shop so we use them"
I know a company that does this a lot and the bands don't seem to mind, the punters still dance, have fun and buy beer.
No problem!

 on: Today at 03:55:57 pm 
Started by joehall - Last post by Mark Cadwallader
Are the lights running through a dimmer rack?  If so, see if the dimmers are set to "no dim".  Better yet, make sure the dimmers are bypassed for LED fixtures.

 on: Today at 03:50:17 pm 
Started by Gary Weller - Last post by Mike Monte
Saw a video on Facebook of a local band that had what looked to be a 4-box line array sitting on top of a double 18 sub set up next to the walls in a room about 45'W X 70'D. The tops were all lined up straight in the frame. Couldn't see the brand it was only in frame for about 2 seconds.

Maybe only one of the mid-high was was live.......?

 on: Today at 03:46:55 pm 
Started by Gary Weller - Last post by Tim Weaver
If one box is good, more must be better, right?

 on: Today at 03:44:32 pm 
Started by David Allred - Last post by Tim Weaver
Just run distilled water through it after the CLR. You'll be fine.

The warning is for idiots who would put CLR in a steamer and try to huff it.

 on: Today at 03:37:51 pm 
Started by karel will - Last post by Jelmer de Jong
It depends(where is Ivan?)

If the public stays put I would run all 3 sources, if there is enough room and they move from stage to stage I would turn down or even kill the obsolete hang.

 on: Today at 03:37:30 pm 
Started by Justin Myers - Last post by Helge A Bentsen
Yeah thanks mate. Watched the vid you recommended.
What Im wondering is what the purpose or what the user setting for the rms limiter does. Since the factory limiter settings are locked out.

DJ proofing the rig.

Works rather well with the Lake limiters. Set a threshold at a low enough level so things don't get too hot or too loud.

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