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 on: Today at 08:39:53 am 
Started by John L Nobile - Last post by Steve Alves
I have one of the Amphenol outs. Guessing no head amp control on the in's and obviously no phantom.

 on: Today at 08:21:16 am 
Started by Casey Sharp - Last post by Casey Sharp
I need some help understanding how to make some calculations. Let me first explain my situation.  I occasionally do events in very small venues... like find some wall outlets and plug it in type of events.  I have an audio system in which the speakers alone have have a max amp draw of 5.2A, times 8 speakers is 41.6A. This doesn't include backline, rack gear, etc... Obviously, I can't run that all on a single circuit so many times I'm left running extensions from different circuits. Also obviously, ideally I could tie into a disconnect and use a power distro, but many times that just not an option... so.....

Here was my thought - I could power my system using a few step-up transformers, basically creating a more "power efficient" system.  I'm aiming at sub-15A per circuit, but here's where I'm not sure of my calculations.

To run each speaker at full power (624W) using 220V, my speakers would draw 2.84A meaning I could power up to 5 speakers per circuit as far as amp draw itself is concerned. The thing I'm wondering about is wattage because with a higher voltage means higher wattage. To power the 5 speakers on one circuit I would be generating 3120W.  But this is where I'm a little confused because this would all begin at a 120V outlet, but at 120V it would take 26A to generate 3120W.

Standard outlet - 120V x 15A = 1800W

So the conclusion I've came to is that I'm bound to the 1800W rating because that's what a 120V circuit is rated for.  Am I right?

So with stepping up to 220V, but being bound to 1800W will only leave me with about 8A to work with which leaves me exactly where I started because -

At 120V - 15A / 5.2A(per speaker) = 2.88 speakers per circuit AND

At 220V - 8A / 2.84A(per speaker) = 2.81 speakers per circuit

Is my logic and math right on this? Or have i completely missed something?

Thanks for your help!

 on: Today at 08:19:44 am 
Started by Steve Loewenthal - Last post by Chris Hindle
What's the over under on the % of people on these boards using over under to wrap their Christmas lights, and perhaps the over under on the age that people would be over or under to use this method?
If you're over 6, i can teach you. If you're under the influence, i send you home. A great show, and I'm over the moon. The rest of your question, I don't under stand.
Regards from over the border, under the arctic circle (but you could be under stood for thinking you're over it on days like this.

 on: Today at 08:10:37 am 
Started by Scott Holtzman - Last post by Chris Hindle
Thankfully I paid a little quicker.  What did Spock say weeks are like hours?
"Hours would seem like Days" I think was the line....
I know it was days. not weeks. I can check the order tonight. (if someone else doesn't correct us first)

 on: Today at 08:00:36 am 
Started by Jonathan Johnson - Last post by Thomas Harkin
My biggest suggestion would be have separate companies deign and install. 

In my opinion when the same firm designs and installs they are only looking out for themselves. 

Work with a firm that design a system that you want, not the design they want to install.  Then the design firm will make sure the install company does they job the way it was design. 


That's why I suggested Curt. He's not a dealer.

 on: Today at 07:54:51 am 
Started by Jon Greaves - Last post by David Winners
Where are you located Jon? Maybe someone would be willing to help.

 on: Today at 07:34:59 am 
Started by John L Nobile - Last post by Geert Friedhof
Looks like Audinate took a cue from Amphenol.

Still takes an estimated $500 to get a stereo pair from one end of the cat5 cable to the other. Also with the usb ones you will have the same problems regarding latency and buffer settings as with other usb soundcards, so it won't be exactly plug and play, even if class compliant.

I find the AES3 dongle the most interesting. 2 ch up and 2 ch down, if the price is right, it would make a cheap X32/M32 to dante bridge.

I am also kind of curious how clocking is done.

 on: Today at 06:16:09 am 
Started by Jon Greaves - Last post by Tim Steer
I'd suggest that this may be one of those situations where it's worth getting a sound engineer to come along and take a look at your setup. It sounds like there are probably a multitude of reasons why you are having feedback issues, all of which would be pointed out within five minutes by an experienced sound person. Do you know any friendly sound guys/girls? Perhaps you could befriend one with the offer of a free dinner, wine and an evening's entertainment?

 on: Today at 04:40:13 am 
Started by charles e strickland - Last post by Helge Dr. Bentsen
while we're at it would a ma 9000i be enough amp for the 1001's one channel per box or is going to take a 12000i to get the job done { live sound } thanks.

I wouldn't run a MA90o0i in 2 ohms. SB2001 is a dual 4ohm load.

Also, you would need a UX8800 to process it, so you might as well look into Powersoft. They do EAW processing internally in their amplifiers and can do 2ohm all night.

 on: Today at 02:29:13 am 
Started by John Ferreira - Last post by Tim McCulloch

Everyone wants and egg laying milk pig when a chicken will do the trick.

And then the chicken encounters "the road"... and the feather duster is born.

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