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 on: Yesterday at 11:47:35 am 
Started by Doug Fowler - Last post by Tim McCulloch
I have a "stereo" for listening to music and a packaged 5.1 JBL rig for the home theater.

Stereo has Soundcraftsmen preamp (recapped, rechipped a couple years ago) and Hafler DH500 amp.  JBL monitors, don't recall the number.

 on: Yesterday at 11:36:42 am 
Started by Doug Fowler - Last post by Tim Weaver
My wife made me put away my stereo equipment because it "looks ugly". lol.

We don't have the luxury of a "bonus room" of any kind. When it was set up it was a Sansui AUD-II integrated amp with a variety of inputs including Minidisc!

Speakers are things that I've built over the years. I have some open-baffle 1.5 ways that I really like. They use old EV Wolverine 8 incher's. I've also had some old Large Advents and several other speakers I've built.

 on: Yesterday at 11:25:59 am 
Started by Dustin Campbell - Last post by Doug Johnson
I, also, have been using the Radial Stage Bugs and have been pleased with them.  I have SB-1, and SB-2.  I haven't done a direct comparison but, I have noticed a difference between them and my Pro48s and ProDIs.

 on: Yesterday at 11:19:27 am 
Started by jesseweiss - Last post by Tim Weaver
So unfortunately my drum mics seemed to have disappeared. Fortunately they weren't anything special. It was the older $299 PG kit from many years ago, although I had two Audix F15's also that I got for $99 for the pair.

So this small misfortune provides the opportunity to look for new mics.  I typically just run either kick and 2 overheads or kick/snare and 2 overheads as I never close mic the toms anymore.

I've read through the kick drum mic thread and have some ideas from there.

But for snare I really don't have a lot of experience beyond SM57's (other than the PG included with my old kit) and the same for the overheads. The f15's were the only one's I ever owned.

Any recommendations, particularly for the overheads?

This thief did you a favor.

If the Kick/OH setup works for you I would spend money on a decent set of condensors (KSM, AKG, AT, Rode) OR a pair of Heil PR30's for OH's. The PR30's are so awesome on OH, and so few people have experienced it. For the Kick I would watch ebay for an old SM91 or SM90.

On a budget I would suggest a pair of Audio Technica Pro 45's for OH. This requires some creativity to mount them to stands, but they sound pretty dang good and can be had for peanuts usually on ebay. The built in cord isn't an issue. I toured with a pair for 3 years and never had a problem. Pair these with a kick mic and you'll have a great, natural sounding setup.

BTW, what kind of music do ya'll play?

 on: Yesterday at 11:08:38 am 
Started by Miguel Dahl - Last post by Andrew Hollis
Having a console that can use virtual devices isn't that much help when you are working on your patch on an airplane on the way to the gig, or even at home when you can't get to the shop. Generally, if I can get to the console to use it a patching device, I can get to the other Dante equipment to just set everything up and patch with Dante Controller which is much easier and faster.

I think maybe the whole video was not watched. SSL drives Dante Controller so you don't have to. You can build a Dante Controller patch in your airplane or your home with the SSL SOLSA offline app; a console is not required. Controller is not required.

PM series requires the user to manually build and manage a 'Dante Patch" layer, and is limited to 24 devices. So it's neither dynamic nor automatic. The PM user has to patch all 'domains' manually. That's the difference. In the SSL, you don't have to touch Controller, or make a 'Dante Patch.'

 on: Yesterday at 11:04:55 am 
Started by Dustin Campbell - Last post by Tim Weaver
As a bottom-feeder I had 5 DBX Di's. 3 active and 3 passive. They were fine for me and I had no troubles out of them. I also had a pair of the cheapest CBI Di's. I don't think I ever used all 7 at any one time. Even if I used different DI's for the opener vs the headliner.

Pretty much every Di out there will sound essentially the same when used properly. It's when they are used improperly that the differences show up. Not all Di's handle too-hot inputs the same. Also, somebody mentioned summing stereo sources . I've done that for years and years just using both 1/4" jacks for a stereo cable! There's not really an "in" and an "out" on most Di's! lol

 on: Yesterday at 11:02:35 am 
Started by Steve Cook - Last post by Steve Cook
I can't believe the Genies didn't snap.

 on: Yesterday at 10:39:05 am 
Started by Wes Garland - Last post by Wes Garland
Okay, you guys were right.  It was acoustic feedback.

I'm royally perplexed at WHY it's feeding back, but I spent some time yesterday during sound check setting up a gate and managed to get rid of the feedback without destroying the sound of the kick drum.

 on: Yesterday at 10:37:55 am 
Started by jesseweiss - Last post by Doug Johnson
As a budget option, I have been using Rode M5s for overhead and high hat.  $199 for a matched pair.  Tom's get 604/904s.  Snare is a 57 or an i5.  Bass Drum changes based on the style of music; D6, Beta52a, sm91, M88, or D112.  I never had a problem with sm57s on drums other then its easier to place a smaller mic, and it sometimes handier to have an "extra" four or five 57's for those gigs where you don't have a drummer but, have a bunch of other instruments.

 on: Yesterday at 10:27:44 am 
Started by jesseweiss - Last post by Will Knight
Use the Audix "D" series here
But will be checking out the Senn's kit soon as I have the 9xx series mics & their G3 Wireless units which I like a lot.

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