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 on: Today at 08:27:32 pm 
Started by Allen Smith - Last post by Jeff Lelko
I need to acquire a couple of Swiss Army knife DI boxes for these events. 

Knowing nothing else I'd suggest the Radial ProAV2.  I carry a couple of these to all my jobs as there's no shortage of uses for them.  To me they're cost effective for what all they can do, but what's cheap to one person might be expensive or "just right" to another.  Hope this helps!

 on: Today at 08:26:17 pm 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Mike Sokol
I guess I'd rather have line technicians trained to find out that something is wrong and have their employer fix it, than have employees who try to fix/modify/engineer a kludge.
I don't plan to teach these guys/gals how to fix or modify any wiring, only to recognize what's safe and what's dangerous.

 on: Today at 08:20:40 pm 
Started by Tom Bourke - Last post by Tom Bourke
So this has been a rough weekend.  Icing on the cake was my in-laws getting "hacked" with a spam/pop-up/social engineering attack.  Thankfully I don't think any real damage done.  But I am still stuck doing assess and recovery on a couple of computers.  In-Laws are doing the call bank and flag accounts thing.

Part of the fall out is them buying a new chromebook and doing more like my wife and I do.  We segregate computers by use.  Our computers are Windows 10,7 and several Linux variations. I am comfortable with almost any OS and command line is fine with me.  My wife even prefers Linux to Windows, provided it works.

Having said all that, after spending 2 weeks worth of 14+ hour days solving AV and computer problems for demanding clients, I just want my off hours, non-work computer, to just F#%@ work!

I was considering apple till the last years worth of dongle/ no standard ports hell at work.  Micro$soft is more worried about making CandyCrush work than Powerpoint.  Linux was stable as hell. Now even hardened server OS's fail on some updates.  The more home friendly versions, linux Mint, suck at printing on known linux friendly printers.

So, what do you use at home, when you just want to surf some forums and pay some bills?

TL,DR computers suck.

 on: Today at 08:18:15 pm 
Started by Allen Smith - Last post by Steve Garris
These are fantastic. Built like a tank. 2 DI's for the price of 1. Great for stereo keys & things. I have several of their dual passive, and one of their dual active.

 on: Today at 08:12:48 pm 
Started by Steve Loewenthal - Last post by Steve Loewenthal
The manual says shielded. I don't know if it is really needed, but don't mind paying a bit more for shielded. All I really want is a recommendation for where I can buy a few cables that won't let me down. Bob stated "what" to buy, and approx. how much I should expect to pay. I just can't seem to find a source.

 on: Today at 07:39:37 pm 
Started by Chris Wethington - Last post by Mike Caldwell
This has been a good rig for us - whether club gig or festival.  The splitter is an Ear Splitter from CBI. 6 tail to X32R and 50 to FOH stage box. 

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And that's what I was trying to describe in my earlier post.

 on: Today at 07:23:25 pm 
Started by Fred Dorado - Last post by Erik Jerde
looking to run network cable for some projectors and convert it back and forth from HDMI.

Currently all the projectors are running a single RCA style connector for video.

My hope is to just tape a network cable to those and use them as pull through and then us HDMi connections.

What do you like and have had good luck with for converters, mostly focused on budget options for now.


HDBaseT is what you're looking for.  Various options out there which can also carry network, IR, RS232, and USB.  Pay attention to your cable length and the resolution specific lengths for specific cable types.  If it's short you can get away with regular cat5e but for long runs you may need to use cat6.  Really long runs do better with fiber based options.

 on: Today at 07:20:43 pm 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Tim McCulloch
I don't doubt what you find, in fact my previous reply was much longer (edited down before I hit send) with some stories about what I've found in hotels and convention centers and why they do it (revenue).

I guess I'd rather have line technicians trained to find out that something is wrong and have their employer fix it, than have employees who try to fix/modify/engineer a kludge.

 on: Today at 07:15:42 pm 
Started by Justice C. Bigler - Last post by Justice C. Bigler
I'll bet that the documentary of this cluster fuck will make more money than the Fyre Festival lost.

 on: Today at 07:09:47 pm 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Mike Sokol
More crazy Wild-Leg-Delta encounters. I've found this sort of 3-phase service panel in a few churches that were converted warehouse factories. Of course, High or Wild-Leg-Delta power is really common in factories that needed to power a bunch of 3-phase/240-volt motors, and only needed limited amounts of split phase 120/240-volt power for the offices. But DIY church handymen being who they are, I've found some really strange and dangerous wiring. I don't trust anybody's wiring any more, especially when it's a brand new receptacle in a very old church.  Take a look at this receptacle in a shop that totally confused the electrician who installed it. Here's a link to the entire thread:

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