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 on: Today at 02:30:06 pm 
Started by Frank Czar - Last post by Lyle Williams
My cables go into pillowcases.  Every colour/pattern under the sun, so different types look different.

The pillowcases have contents written on them in thick 6" high letters, eg "XLR 10m."

Pillowcases go into heavy-duty tubs, sorted and labelled, eg "short power extension".  Tubs go onto steel shelving.

Quite a bit of other gear is managed the same way.  Pillowcases (or small tubs) to keep things sorted, then into bigger tubs and into shelves.

 on: Today at 02:19:51 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Mark Wilkinson
"Christmas is coming,
My wishlist isn't fat,
I need someone to help me - can someone please do that?

I hope I've been a good girl,
And Santa knows my name,
'cos if I end up with slippers
It will be a crying shame...."

Haha... well done,..... but you know you're gonna get a DZR, might as well go ahead and get Happy  :)

 on: Today at 02:05:37 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Scott Bolt
LOL!  I would love to hear the side by side as well :)

 on: Today at 01:59:03 pm 
Started by jesseweiss - Last post by frank kayser
All you did was bias the sub +6dB which normal people enjoy more than flat.

And the mains shouldn't as that is the transition point between where a line level signal will start clipping the inputs and their analog..? 'limiting' section kicks in.

 ;)  Read lightly, please.  ;) ;D

I have come to the conclusion that the subwoofer is a cruel creation of MEPHISTOPHELES himself!  More shows, IMO, have been completely ruined by overuse of The King of the Bottomless Pit alone, more so than lack of its use.

The latest of my experience of the Seducing Spirit was at an Irish fest, most memorably when a Bodhran was stuck down there in a muddy thump until the guy at the mix desk, after a number of HIS SATANIC MAJESTY's feedback events, turned the perdition away, and surprise, surprise, one could finally tell the Bodhran actually was producing different pitches as the player moved their hand against the back of the drumhead.  The Angel of Darkness was finally in its place!

I know, don't blame it on the sub.  It is the Father of Contention among sound providers. It doesn't turn itself up too much.  However, believing it is Evil Personified, it is a Seducing Spirit, luring the unsuspecting, the inexperienced and Satan's disciples themselves to its misuse.

On the balance, angelic voices cannot be judged without the wicked angels for comparison.  I think we'll all agree that there must be a balance between good and evil; comedy and tragedy; light and dark; mains and subs. Please remember, dear sound providers, it does not much evil take to overwhelm good. Think of the 4-wheel rice-rocket or black SUV thumping away next to you at the traffic light.   Beware!

 on: Today at 01:58:09 pm 
Started by Kirby Yarbrough - Last post by Kirby Yarbrough
Can you successfully patch in Dante controller?
What firmware is the QL1 running (Main and Dante)?
Try running temporarily with all firewalls and security turned off.

QL1 never shows the laptop as a mounted device, so patching in Controller is not successful, yields 'Subscription status is: flow creation in progress...' in trying to route two channels from laptop to QL1.

QL1 Dante versions,, 2.0.6.

Second laptop where this whole setup is successful has all firewalls and security left on.

 on: Today at 01:46:44 pm 
Started by Tony Mamoh - Last post by Tony Mamoh
A friend wants to make his own ethercon cable termination and asked me to order the NE8MC connector. However I've noticed there are two variants...NE8MC and NE8MC1.

1) What is the difference from between both (I see only the protective cover on the cable as the additional feature on the NE8MC1 variant)?

2) Any recommended online sources for genuine ones? My friends in Musicians Friend don't stock....and I'm not sure of the eBay sources.


 on: Today at 12:52:30 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
"Christmas is coming,
My wishlist isn't fat,
I need someone to help me - can someone please do that?

Has anyone been able, 
To do a side by side,
on 2 specific speakers?,
Come on now - don't hide.

I gotta find an answer,
Or I'll be outta luck,
It all comes down to this one box,
I hope it doesn't suck,

You all get where I am going,
You know it has to be
It's all about the Yammies,
I have GAS - don't you see?

So please provide me input
On whether I should shoot,
For the new DZR's or simply
leave it moot.

DSR vs DZR is what its all about,
I gotta get some info,
My time is running out.

I hope I've been a good girl,
And Santa knows my name,
'cos if I end up with slippers
It will be a crying shame...."

 on: Today at 12:30:38 pm 
Started by Frank Czar - Last post by Caleb Dueck
EWI C004DC, with a larger size for big power cables. 

Stackable, wheeled, secure, truck pack.  Inventory list inside each one.  XLR-1, for example, would have all sizes of XLR.  XLR-2 and following would be mirrored for multiple gigs or each side of stage. 

Wall with hooks is good for an installed system but not for rolling into a truck. 

At the very least - company name/logo heat shrink and sorted. 

Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk

 on: Today at 12:28:31 pm 
Started by scottstephens - Last post by Andrew Broughton
Hey guys,

I was with another old guy the other day and this came up, Whatever happened to the BGW Company?  They made some great Boat-Anchor Amps. I almost bought some but went with Crown MA's instead. And A.C. E. Composite speakers? Apogee? Others?....


Ummm.... did you even try typing bgw into google?
This is one of the first hits.

 on: Today at 11:55:02 am 
Started by scottstephens - Last post by Craig Leerman
Apogee fell apart in the late 90s/early 2000s. Founder Ken DeLoria left in 2002 and did a few articles for Live Sound mag before he passed a few years ago.  I know the company is still around but it looks like the website has not been updated since 2015. Their AE5 loudspeaker was very popular back in the day.  I still see them for sale on gear sites.

I had a BGW amp long ago when I was just getting into sound and traded it for a pair of Peavey CS800s.  I think I got the better end of the deal.

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