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 on: Today at 04:18:17 pm 
Started by Bob Kidd - Last post by Rob Spence
If self powered you have the issue of legal supply of power to the speakers if permanently installed.

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 on: Today at 04:15:30 pm 
Started by P. Berentzen - Last post by scottstephens
why would you put a $700 mic on a $250 unit? Just wondering, I'm not trying to be a dick, but this question begs the question.


 on: Today at 04:09:47 pm 
Started by Richard Penrose - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
No problem Debbie :) Yes it would be good to hear how the DZR's compare to the DSR's (though I'm not in the market for the DSR's).

I looking forward to comparing them out at a rehearsal tomorrow night at our venue.

That is when they will shine I am sure.

 on: Today at 04:09:16 pm 
Started by John L Nobile - Last post by John L Nobile
Presonus has come out with a box that has a 12" "woofer" and 8 - 2" speakers which they claim is a line array meets point source system. I don't know who they're marketing this to but it's not me.

I can't keep up with all the new speaker systems coming out in the last few years. It reminds me of the synth explosion in the 80's.

 on: Today at 04:04:19 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Rob Spence
A couple of quandries I see with this device:

1.  It uses a 4 wire cord and my understanding requires an unbonded generator.  I have never seen a 4 wire meter base-3 wires in, 3 wires out-neutral and ground bond at the panel.  If there were a fault in the neutral from the meter to the panel the potential exists for the frame of the genny to have a potential higher than ground.  A rather undesireable situation.  Not even sure how to address this issue.

2.  Lack of overcurrent protection in the device itself.  Yes, you are required to use a genny with a breaker and yes the cord will only work with the correct size genny.  Do you really think the guy that finds out his 6 kw genny won't run his AC and microwave at the same time is going to replace the Generlink when he buys a 10 kw genny?  He'll probably cut the cord end off and install one that fits.

3. I also read where it falls into a "crack" in jurisdiction.  Meters are POCO devices and governed by NESC and their regs-meter bases and all homeowner devices are NEC.  Which is this??  Usually the customer is not allowed to have anything on the POCO side of the meter.

I donít see the issue on #3. The meter is POCO and the socket is customer. The wires from the socket to panel are customer and the wires to the pole are POCO (mostly... I paid for them and they run under my driveway).

#2 the generator has over current protection.

My transfer switch doesnít have over current protection. One input is protected by the generator main breaker and the other by a breaker in the upstream panel.

You cannot protect against people taking unlawful actions. Some actions (like changing a connector) are easier than others (replace a pad mounted 10kw generator with a 25kw).

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 on: Today at 04:00:39 pm 
Started by Richard Penrose - Last post by Richard Penrose
No problem Debbie :) Yes it would be good to hear how the DZR's compare to the DSR's (though I'm not in the market for the DSR's).

I looking forward to comparing them out at a rehearsal tomorrow night at our venue.

 on: Today at 03:57:19 pm 
Started by Tony Mamoh - Last post by John Roberts {JR}
I'm shocked this has never come up before?


 on: Today at 03:52:07 pm 
Started by Tony Mamoh - Last post by Dave Pluke
Moisture getting into the coil/gap area will corrode the coil or short the coil to the gap.

Often the case with Monitor wedges.  Sweat, colas, beer, you name it  :( .

Back in the day, we traveled with giant, multicell horns - which our crew would store in the "driver down" orientation.  Transitioning from cold to hot or vice versa created enough condensation to destroy several diaphragms, before we instructed the crew to store "horn down".


 on: Today at 03:43:19 pm 
Started by Lance Hallmark - Last post by Lance Hallmark

Can any dealers pm me a quote for the Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III. This is for a H.S. Marching Band program that a relative is part of. I did contact Presonus and they said they do not directly offer educational discounts and would like to get the best deal for them I can.

Thank You!

 on: Today at 03:40:40 pm 
Started by Richard Penrose - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
Hi guys. I've been comparing both the DXR15's and DZR12's at our 350 seater venue this afternoon. As usual I had both pairs of speakers connected to two different mix outputs on my A&H QU-PAC with volumes set identically on both channels. I did some very basic testing with both pre recorded music and vocals today. The results I found today were quite different! Here's what I've found so far :-

1/ When the DZR12's are fed from a mixer into the XLR inputs, they are slightly louder than the DXR15's! This is with both input levels on zero. However, the DZR also has a master output control that ranges from -10dB to +10dB. I had this set to 0 so I'd imagine if this was turned up it would be significantly louder than the DXR's!

2/ The handles on the DZR12's don't distribute the weight evenly! The DZR's feel very top heavy when carrying the speakers with the front facing you. When carrying them like the top half tips away from you quite a bit. Obviously you can carry them with the back facing you but you then end up with the small plastic knobs pressing against you which worries me as they feel they could get easily damaged?
Also, as the handles are horizontal on the DZR's (DXR's are vertical) they are a lot more awkward to put on poles (but almost certainly not as awkward as the DSR's)

3/ Regarding sound both speakers sound quite different! The DXR's are MUCH brighter. Where I've been quite impressed with the DXR's in the past they now sound very plasticy and scooped. I tried both speakers flat and with the FOH DSP settings on. Cymbals were very loud and bright and the vocals were getting masked by these a little. The DXR's sounded even more scooped and the highs now sounded piercing and the lows sounded boomy and muffled. In comparison, the DZR's almost sounded as though they were lacking in the highs with the cymbals being much quieter and softer to the point of being perhaps a little too quiet? However, the mid range was much more present with vocals being much more forward. I put up a mic and did some vocals whilst switching between both sets of speakers and DZR's had substantially more clarity. The vocals sounded fuller/richer and very articulate through the DZR's but never harsh. You could here every word very clearly at the back of the venue with even subtle nuances carrying. However, when I switched to the DXR15's the vocals lost all clarity and sounded very muffled! Drums sound much more natural and punchy through the DZR's with the snare and toms having great clarity punch and fullness. Even more impressively with the FOH setting turned on the DZR's bass and kick drum sounded extremely deep and punchy to the point of almost sounding like there was a sub being used! I've always been impressed with the bass on the DXR15's but I have to say the DZR's do go noticeably deeper and with much more punch! At the back of the venue the kick and bass had a nice warm and deep punch whereas the DXR's didn't quite have the depth and just sounded boomy with less definition and less thump. I would imagine the DZR12's could handle kick drum and bass guitar noticeably better than the DXR15's but haven't tried them properly in this scenario yet.

4/ When I started to push the output of both speakers, the DXR's started to lose coherence but the DZR's kept their composure and focus.

5/ The fans on the DXR's are much noisier than those on the DZR's!

I'm hoping to try both the DXR15's and DZR12's with a band tomorrow running bass, kick, keys, acoustic guitar plus male and female vocals. Will report back with my thoughts in a day or two.

Thanks  for the comparison Richard.

I am keen to hear how the DZR compares to the DSR also.

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