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 on: Today at 06:30:45 pm 
Started by Allen Smith - Last post by Jerry Ziarko
I think much of it comes down what instruments you are planning to use them for. I am a bassist by trade, and believe me, DI boxes do indeed sound different. To the audience, they won't know the difference, but to a discerning player IMO very much so.

 on: Today at 06:13:47 pm 
Started by Bradford "BJ" James - Last post by John L Nobile
That S-Zone looks very interesting. It would replace a lot of useless install gear an AV company oversold us years ago and be much easier to operate. 

 on: Today at 05:55:20 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Robert Lunceford
Well, the 01v96 sounded fine back when I used it. Heck, no one complains about my LS9 sound either.

I remember reading an article in Mix Magazine back in the 90ís about one of the then current Yamaha digital mixers. Someone had remixed a Steely Dan album on the Yamaha and said as hard a he tried he couldnít get it to sound the same, it always sounded better using the Yamaha.

 on: Today at 05:16:59 pm 
Started by Kent Clasen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
We did an event recently and had the DL32 stop passing audio 5 mins before an event! My guys figured out that AES50 port A quit working and connected the STP to port B and DL32 showed up and worked fine.

Brought it back to shop and tested multiple cables (all shielded CAT) but couldnít get any to work on port A. Left it connected and the next day DL32 shows up as connected on port A and has been left on for about a week and still shows connected on console.

I donít have much faith in using it on a event though. We had an X32 we sold to a church lose port A about a year ago, but it quit working completely.

Several calls and have emailed Music care, but no response.

Any one else had this happen or thoughts what is happening??

Port A could very well have stopped working and you need Music Care to get it fixed and retain warranty.

Call and write them every day until you connect with someone. I don't think there's any other advice that will work.

In the meantime you should keep connecting/disconnecting it and the same cable it didn't work with to see how often it doesn't work and maybe what conditions of plugging/unplugging/length of time powered on/temperature/humidity/stock market prices/time of day connected cause it not to work.

The problem is even if you send it in to them and they cannot replicate the problem they will send it back and you are in the same place you are now.

 on: Today at 05:14:54 pm 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Mike Sokol
This could be a start. I found a tiny 3-phase "alternator" that's used to demonstrate for wind generator theory. I think it will output around 24 volts at 1,800 RPM, but who knows. I'm going to spin it with a little 1,800 RPM shaded pole fan motor. Yes, I know a shaded pole motor is not synchronous (like a Hammond B3 tone generator) and will slip a bit under load. But even if it ends up at 59 Hz that good enough for a start. In any event I ordered one since at $8 with shipping it's cheap enough to throw away, and will a good test of my training protocol.

 on: Today at 05:00:39 pm 
Started by Patrick Campbell - Last post by Frank Koenig
Hey friends,

I have powersoft amps running my FOH from my Midas M32. 

K3 for subs run on an aux
K2 for mids
and a powersoft with no Ethernet/DSP for highs

If I pick up a another K2 for highs, then use the amps/dsp/Ethernet, would that make a huge difference in fidelity/sonic results ?? 

Has anyone out here made that jump ?  and if so, is the managing software easy to use ??



Not a jump in sound quality in and of itself, but a great improvement in usability, which might translate into SQ when you don't screw up. I find Armonia, the Powersoft control app, pretty decent and much better than the Lake/Lab stuff. I don't know about Driverack. Having one species of DSP for all pass-bands on the same speaker sounds almost essential to me. Yes you can likely make it work with disparate DSPs, but what a pain and source of potential errors.

Powersoft K, as you know, allows for 384 tap user-programmable FIR at either 48 or 96 kHz, has flexible (and comprehensible) peak and average limiters, and some nice extras like live impedance monitoring, which is a great speaker health check. For the daring the output impedance can be made negative to compensate for speaker cable resistance, but only below 400 Hz. I don't mess with that.

My only gripes about Armonia are that it's very slow to load, a little non-standard in the GUI (but what isn't these days?), and the color choices are horrible -- buttons go from yellow to brown to indicate on/off. (Good UI designers know never to present critical information as color alone, let alone two lightnesses of the same hue.)


 on: Today at 04:54:02 pm 
Started by Jack Arnott - Last post by Luke Geis
Millennials have it rough...... Truly though. I just squeaked through as a Gen X and I first learned to count change back when I was 16 and started working. It was the first question asked of me for more than a couple of interviews. Perhaps something that's taken for granted by an older generation where calculators and P.O.S. systems weren't quite the norm. I remember using adding machines ( the large ones with the pull-down levers ) and an abacus to do math as a child. Shoot, I had a rotary phone in my home through the early 90's.

The Millennials have had a very different upbringing for sure. As we progressed technologically it made many of the things that we used to do on a daily basis even more remedial to the degree that learning certain skills and tasks was/is more or less pointless. A large part of the problem is the capitalists taking advantage of consumerists. 20 years ago you could still buy a product that was actually designed to last a lifetime. Now products are actually designed to fail in such a way that is going to be guaranteed to need repair or replacement within a certain period of time. Apple is starting to catch some flak for outmoding its products and even purposefully declining to repair products that are in its current SKU list. What passes today as a quality product baffles me. Heck, even Lamborghini is using parts from basic cars you and I buy every day. The Millennials just never stood a chance as we ( the Baby-Boomers and Gen X'ers ) made it possible for them to simply have it simple. If something breaks, it is cheaper, quicker and easier to SIMPLY replace it. If you have a query, it is quicker, cheaper and SIMPLY easier to go onto the I-net as opposed to going to the Library, or buying an encyclopedia. The Millennials were trained from the earliest age the easiest way through life. No abacus, no rotary phone, no need to do actual research away from a computer and everything is SIMPLY a couple finger touches away via a smart devise or service.

We give them crap about their lack of skills that we believe are basic and remedial, but we owe them more than that. After all, we are the ones that made most of their shortcomings possible. The Millennials are now shaping our society on just about every level. They force companies to learn and adapt their workforce, products, and social impacts. They are smarter than we are when it comes to work and technology. They are faster, more efficient at the work they are interested in, and they are less attached/loyal to companies and organizations that have done wrong by them. The Millennials just have a few quirks and kinks to work out that are not so on or off, hot or cold, and black or white.

The biggest quirk is probably the recent gender affairs and identity issues that have come about. This tags along with the Happy-Holiday's vs. Merry-Christmas and similar changes to religious and cultural holidays. Thanksgiving is now Turkey-Day for instance. Social Justice Warriors are very real and you probably have seen such outbursts at some scale. Pretty much anyone that asks for you or someone else to change how to refer or act to something or someone another way is some type of an SJW outburst. The recent " Baby it's cold outside " is one for example that is part of the #Metoo movement and its SJW's and supporters ( the majority of which are Millennials ). While the intention is good and the issues very real and looming, there are more tactful and proper ways to address them. Lately, it seems that any injustice is to be met with swift and stern correction within the public domain. When you're standing in line at the Mc Donalds is probably not the best forum to be giving someone else a social lesson about tolerance, respect, and dignity. The heart, compassion and devotion to the issues are there, it is just finding a way that is just as heartfelt, fair and tolerant to address those issues to the offender; without causing a scene or putting others in an awkward situation.

So while Baby-Boomers and most Gen-X's may look at this particular situation as being ridiculous and remedial, we made it such that Millennials don't typically have to worry about stuff like that. Should they know it and should they desire to if needed? Perhaps, but that is a teachable moment not only for them but for us. Spread the knowledge and you may just help the guy learn to fish on his own. The wisdom of age can only be passed down, and that which is not, becomes history destined to repeat itself.

 on: Today at 04:45:07 pm 
Started by Terry Martin - Last post by Nate Zifra
Pardon my ignorance, what single truss tubes are you using for the side banners that allows you to tilt them up as in the video?


Time lapse I did a couple of weeks ago.   ...from trailers to sound check.  Thought some of the club level folks might enjoy this.

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 on: Today at 04:35:34 pm 
Started by Tim Weaver - Last post by Pete Erskine
I have a paging system that is basically a Shure 577B (think 70's CB radio) plugged into a wall plate. It feeds an in room mixer, but I need a way to add an A/B switch to it so they can page 2 different rooms on the same mic. It would be great if it was A/B/Y, but not strictly necessary.

I'm having trouble finding this item not in a stomp box format.

Little Help?

look at

 on: Today at 04:30:45 pm 
Started by Kent Clasen - Last post by Kent Clasen
Did you check the Cat socket on the mixer? I had a problem with a device that somehow got something in the socket and it messed it up. I had to clean out the socket and the pins. I used a flashlight and a magnifier to see what the problem was. Itís possible there was something in there causing the problem and then it got dislodged so it then started to work again.

Itís also possible that the Cat cable is starting to be a problem. The Cat connectors and sockets and cable are not the most robust connection scheme around. But anything else would be so cost prohibitive that it isnít a reasonable choice.

Thanks Kevin.

Checked the ports and they both look the same. No damage or dirt.

Also, the day after the event tried 4 different cables and none worked. All worked when plugged into port B. Then a day later A works without changing anything and hasnít disconnected by itself since in our shop.

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