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 on: Today at 01:49:57 am 
Started by Mark Amber - Last post by Mark Amber
Title says it all. Looking for 9000HD / 12000HD.

I'm looking for 2.

If interested I have to offset trade:

- 2 RCF tt08a with cover $1100 ea
- 1 QSC PL380 $1500
- DBX Venue 360 $500
- Waves Gold $450

 on: Today at 12:49:07 am 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Jonathan Johnson

Search for "While in use"  covers

Looks to me like it HAD such a cover, but the cover was broken off because the wall wart didn't fit under it. Or because it was hanging open because the wall wart didn't fit, and got broken when someone or something was moved past it.

 on: Today at 12:29:28 am 
Started by BrianHenry - Last post by BrianHenry
Good point Ned about outdoor equipment. Maybe I just need to charge more for gigs lol.

I used to use a digital mixer before I moved to the MW. I just didn't like the workflow. I am more comfortable with an analog console and some choice pieces of rack gear. To be fair, the digital mixer wasn't great (Yamaha 01v).

 on: Today at 12:21:02 am 
Started by BrianHenry - Last post by BrianHenry
Yup, fully expecting that Rob. Will do subs fist, then move on to tops when resources are there. I like the rent to try idea, but honestly, I usually set up in haste and then am on stage, so I wouldn't really get a chance to see what is up with my own ears :(

Not too familiar with the DSP on the JBL. Will look into it.

Thanks for the data point on the subs guys.

 on: Today at 12:14:12 am 
Started by BrianHenry - Last post by Ned Ward
Buy what you need for most of your shows, rent for the outdoors ones. It makes absolutely no sense to own all the gear to do an occasional outdoor show that will be overkill for anything else and will sit in storage.

I'd start off with 1 QSC KW181 - by not having your kick and toms go through your K12's you'll gain a lot more headroom, and this way you can see how much one improves the sound now that you can have bass, kick and low toms through a sub instead of the top speakers. As you expand, add another KW181 if you feel you need more bass. For a lot of bars, this set up could be fine.

Once you've gotten to where you really need to get more out of your tops, then look at the KW153 and move the K12's to monitors.

What I would recommend upgrading before the KW153's would be your mixer. The MixWiz is an excellent analog mixer, but with all of the digital options out there now, you could get a lot more functionality (4+ bands of parametric eq per channel and on mains and aux sends, dynamics, etc.) in a lot smaller space. Being able to high pass and low pass your drums alone will help clean up the sound in ways you can't with your two sweepable mids. There are lots of options out there; for our band I have the Mackie DL1608 which works great for me, but check them out to find out what's right for you.

Hope this helps!

 on: Today at 12:12:57 am 
Started by Callan Browne - Last post by BrianHenry
We use a combination of Gopros and iphone 6. The gopro have good image stablization and we generally clamp them to PA stands without much video distortion. The iphones tend vibrate with the kick drum if they are anywhere near the stage. We also clamp these cameras to ceiling tiles, mic stands or whatever crap is in the venue. We employ a nice selection of clamps and goosenecks all availble on Amazon at very low cost. While a nice video can be made with one angle, multiple angles make a video much more interesting. But, its a PITA to setup and you need to have someone who enjoys editing video (we do).

Audio is the Achilles heel of the whole deal. GoPros can handle the high SPL but will usually give a bad balance. iphones are clipping city (but have outstanding video quality). I have direct outs on our mixer being sent to a multichannel Zoom recorder and do a mix in post. I also place a Zoom H4n out front for ambiance and stereo image. Also picks up the cymbals, snare and other unmiced drum kit pieces. I have found this stereo recording alone is not suitable (for my taste) for direct use over a video for three reasons: 1) again, balance sucks. It will be kit heavy and/or vocal light depending on placement wrt PA and 2) if its not right near the band, you will get drunks yelling as your primary audio and 3) you are likely to get nasty filtering due to random placement in the room.

If you don't want to deal with the multitrack deal, a stereo recorder will probably be better than the gopro audio, but you will have to experiment with placement. Before I did the multitrack deal, I would try mixing the gopro audio with the zoom which was usually better than one or the other is I could achieve a better balance (but introduced phase issues).

Anyway, that's been my experience. YMMV.

 on: Today at 12:05:05 am 
Started by BrianHenry - Last post by Thomas Le
IMO JBL wins, difference lies in the HF. SRX800P is 3 inches while QSC KW is 1.75 inches just like the K series. The SRX800P is what you consider top of the line prosumer and a step below entry level touring. The QSC KW is basically the K series in wood enclosures and a slightly more powerful amp. Not sure if it matters to you but the JBL integrated V5 tunings which is in line with their touring line. Since the SRX835 is 60 by 40, it is able to be splayed should you need more coverage.

The matching subs is no contest either, SRX818SP got louder than the QSC KW181 while getting deeper/lower.

Source: A/B'd at a music store that had them in stock.

 on: Yesterday at 11:59:30 pm 
Started by BrianHenry - Last post by Rob Dellwood
Patrick, we travel with a full size pickup with a cap, and due to the fact I like to use road cases for a lot of gear, there probably isn't room for a 828 at the moment and 2 1x18 might fit better. I am seriously considering getting a 5x8ish trailer though so I am trying not to let size dictate this too much. The worst part of the truck is lifting to the gate height so a trailer would be a dream come true for that reason alone. Budget is flexible and I am willing to wait to afford the right gear. I can find used KW181's for $1k ish locally if that's any indication of my budget.

It looks like the 181s can be had cheaper than the 818s and if the difference is minimal in a real life setting, that may make the decision for me between those two. But, the 828 is tempting as it offers serious bang for the buck compared to both those 1x18s. You are correct that dimensionally a pair of 1x18s is not much different than a 2x18.

Rick, I think I would certainly notice the difference, but I am a recording engineer, lol! However, since I'm on stage and not at FOH, subtleties won't be as much of a big deal to me. However, I have found that even local drunks can tell when something sounds better (and won't hesitate to tell you so). The difference is they just don't know what it is or why!

The QSC subs have a smaller profile, but pound really hard. If money is limited, go with 2 subs first. I do think you will not be happy in the long term if you stay with 12" tops. They're fine in smaller rooms, especially with subs, but not so much for bigger rooms or outdoor shows.

If you have the ability and they are available, you might want to try renting some subs and bigger tops to get an idea of the difference from your current rig.


 on: Yesterday at 11:56:28 pm 
Started by Jerome Casinger - Last post by BrianHenry
I too never opened the buds that came with my EW300 G3, lol.

 on: Yesterday at 11:47:30 pm 
Started by Jerome Casinger - Last post by BrianHenry
I have been using IEMs as a drummer/vocalist for roughly 8 years now. I started with the Shure SE series universals. They sounded "ok" but the real issue was getting them to stay put with limbs moving and jaw flapping. Isolation was poor and they were a distraction. I tried all kinds of foam and rubber adapters with them (but not the custom made adapters). I then jumped to a pair of Ultimate Ears after that were full custom molds and never looked back. I purchased the lower end model with 2 drivers and they just blew away the universals in terms of fit, form and function. They sound "pretty good" and "more than good enough" for monitoring purposes IMO. Would I want to mix with them? No -  they are hyped as they are intended for monitoring. But they have been worth every penny I paid.

My wife who is a lead vocalist and bass player is using Shures with the custom adapters someone mentioned above. Although I have not used them, she continually complains they are difficult to get them in and to stay put. The custom piece is very soft vs the hard plastic of my UEs. I dont know if that is the issue why her are uncomfortable and mine are not (I routinely use them for 3 hr shows and forget they are there). FWIW, we both had molds made at the same audiologist.

I guess what I am trying to say is that for me, paying the price for a custom job was probably the best $ I ever spent as a performer. In the beginning, I didn't want to spend $500 either, but in the end I ended up spending even more in total to get to a happy place. I would solidly place IEMs in the buy once, cry once category.

So, these days I am thinking about getting another pair so I have a backup since I rely on these so heavily and the question for me is the same as Steve above: Should I spend more $ for more drivers...

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