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 on: Yesterday at 09:26:51 pm 
Started by John Scates - Last post by John Scates
Like new condition
$250 shipped to lower 48 US


 on: Yesterday at 09:12:14 pm 
Started by Steve Crump - Last post by Rick Powell
For $3k you could have a Yamaha DSR 112 mounted on a pole over a JTR Captivator 212 powered sub...coverage wouldn’t be as wide as the Bassboss box claims but would probably be 1.5x as loud with clarity.

 on: Yesterday at 09:06:51 pm 
Started by Steve Crump - Last post by Scott Holtzman
I have a video I took of mine out in a field. It was taken with an iPhone X. No external microphone. Make sure you use good headphones or speakers. I was quite impressed myself. Facebook YouTube

Their claims are usually measurements not calculations.

Not a fan of making a judgement from a phone video however you will note that it is very clear and coherent but not very loud.  Background noise easily gets on top of the program material.

A crowd of revelers would be very hard to get on top of without more PA.

 on: Yesterday at 08:45:42 pm 
Started by Chris Poynter - Last post by Isaac South
Wouldn’t a proper gate fix this? Unless the handling noise is heard while the gate is open.

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 on: Yesterday at 08:25:57 pm 
Started by Steve Crump - Last post by Doug Fowler
The marketing and reviews just left me having to ask.......

BASSBOSS products in my experience do what they say do.

 on: Yesterday at 07:53:37 pm 
Started by Victor Estrada - Last post by Luke Geis
The PRX 400 series to my knowledge uses all the same components as the 500 series, but is of course without any kind of amplification and subsequently built in DSP. I was rather fond of the PRX 512M's I had. They required very little work to simply work. The PRX 518 subs I had were also rather nice. They didn't get very loud, but I could take them pretty far. Subs are not generally as problematic as mains to tune, but if you have to do lots of cutting and boosting to get a flat response you will eat potential SPL. The PRX subs were not exactly flat, but they had a predictable sound that worked well enough. They sounded good compared to other subs in their market, but the lack of potential SPL was the crux of them. They just didn't have the range and SPL to really win out.

I concur with Tom and others though, if you are already invested in the Peavey line, may as well stick with it. Get another DSP amp like your current one and you will be happy.

 on: Yesterday at 07:52:18 pm 
Started by Doug Fowler - Last post by Doug Fowler
Powell Hall / Saint Louis Symphony is installing a Jericho system next week for the main auditorium.  Demos will be conducted next Thursday but I don’t yet know start/end times.

I was present during the evaluation.  If at all possible you want to hear this. Certainly the possibility of hearing Jericho in a real world setting doesn’t happen often. 

Tom Danley will be present, along with Ivan, Doug Jones and Mike Hedden.

More info as I have it.

 on: Yesterday at 07:44:19 pm 
Started by drew571 - Last post by Doug Fowler
Read the rules, fix your display name.

Thank you for your cooperation.

 on: Yesterday at 07:40:44 pm 
Started by Chris Poynter - Last post by Luke Geis
The ULXD is very good with handling noise. I haven't noticed it to be any more than a typical good quality mic.

 on: Yesterday at 07:22:05 pm 
Started by Steve Payne - Last post by Tim McCulloch
hmmm.  not familiar with what K1 looks like.  Top boxes appeared to be rectangular , however, K1 at the top would make sense.  I was puzzling over how in the world they were getting good vertical coverage on that steep of a rake with only 8 mid hi boxes aside.

K1 is rectangular with a vertical "V" notch in the middle; I think the subwoofer is the same size but flat (without the notch).

The profile of the K2 is trapezoid.

I've seen a fair number of touring rigs with 6-8 K1 on top, 4-8 K2 as under-hang, and K2 for side hangs.  It makes a LOT of sound.

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