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 on: Today at 01:51:57 am 
Started by Xiang Cao - Last post by Lyle Williams
The lavs they bundle with these systems seem to be oriented more towards sounding somewhat intelligible over a ceiling can speaker than for musical applications.

Absolutely.  That's what they are for.

 on: Today at 12:50:07 am 
Started by Casey Sharp - Last post by Casey Sharp
I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but didn't really see a better place.

I'm working in Stage Plot Pro right now and have noticed a bug.  When I import a graphic it looks great, but the second I rotate or resize it the quality becomes sub-par. The images become fuzzy with no definition.  I've tried on two different computers, both mac and PC.

Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, is there a way to fix it? Or it is what it is?

Thanks for the help

 on: Yesterday at 11:53:41 pm 
Started by Robert Lofgren - Last post by Will "GLiDE" Mims
Finally ran out of space.

Displayed an error about SD card running out of space.  I can play the file back all the way to the end in the X32.  I have not put the SD card in the laptop to pull the files yet.  I'll probably wait until tomorrow to do that.  Getting late here on the East Coast USA...  aCk!!!  :o

256GB single SDXC
23h:10m:27s:76f     in 16ch record mode.

 on: Yesterday at 11:33:35 pm 
Started by John Roberts {JR} - Last post by Stephen Swaffer
Tell me about it- I left Iowa to spend a week in Texas (south of Houston) thinking I'd have some nice weather.  An ice storm that would have been inconvenient at home shut the place down-and 15 hrs below freezing froze enough pipes to create a water shortage in Galveston.  Guess I'll go home and thaw out.

The neutrals and grounds are all tied together in that fuse box(actually most of the time those were being installed, no one ran ground wires all you had was neutrals) that means any voltage drop on the neutral feed will show up as a potential difference between anything using that panel for ground and anything using your main panel for ground.  Probably just a nuisance unless the neutral wire developes a bad connection then it can be a real hazard-the reason we use 4 wires now.

 on: Yesterday at 11:11:25 pm 
Started by duane massey - Last post by Will "GLiDE" Mims
Bar band, I've been using the X32 Rack for over 2 years.  Mix it with a 15" touch screen laptop, iPad Air 2, Two 12" android tablets, and phones.  If we lost a machine, there are plenty to mix with in the band, plus my wife's Android phone is loaded.

I hope I never see a full analog board again... LoL!

Church, they use the Midas M32 and I use my Android phone to set my monitor mix.

I've mixed other bands with my X32 Rack and the old school ones trip out on the mixing with computers/tablets/phones...  LoL!

 on: Yesterday at 11:03:51 pm 
Started by Chris Sieggen - Last post by David Winners
Setting a static IP is definitely the simplest solution.

I'm not a FruitCo guy, so I have no first hand experience with the iPad app.

On android, you simply open the app and hit search and it will find the console(s).

Hit connect.

Good to go

 on: Yesterday at 10:48:11 pm 
Started by Dave Potter - Last post by David Winners
What size (shape) venues are you playing?

I regularly do acoustic guitar and vocals PA in a 75' x 40' bar with a pair of Turbosound iQ8s. They sound great IMO, are 32 pounds, have all the DSP you need, have auto feedback elimination which is nice if you set them up behind the group, and get surprisingly loud for a sub $500 box.

 on: Yesterday at 10:43:18 pm 
Started by Robert Lofgren - Last post by Will "GLiDE" Mims
You're good. Here on the PSW, we pride ourselves on being civil and standing behind what we say. Alluding to nicknames (like you did) is just fine-- we just don't hide behind a fully anonymous pseudonym!


Cool! Just want to be compliant.  I'm the guy that reads the instruction manual as a last resort... Hehehe

Continuous recording time:
22h 08m 23s and counting

 on: Yesterday at 10:20:09 pm 
Started by John Roberts {JR} - Last post by John Roberts {JR}
Please be careful, check & double check.  I'm trying to help you- not increase your local funeral home's January sales numbers.
Ah.. the unintended consequence of giving advice.  Careful is my other middle name (do what I say... yadda yadda)..
FWIW, there would be no advantage to changing to a 4 wire branch circuit if you re-fed it from this fuse panel. 

I have wired my DIY grounds to this fuse box, are you suggesting it isn't bonded to neutral? I guess I can check (carefully).

Not gonna go 4 wire as long as my "real" electrician is incommunicado...  I will just replicate the previous tie in with tails hanging down behind a kitchen cupboard under the oven, but at least I will use proper wire nuts.  I tried to order a junction box with cover from Home depot but they seem tragically unable to complete my order. Home depot for some reason expects me to drive an hour each way to pick up a $1 metal box (I got some wire clamps in ups already, but without a box they are not much use.) I have a second box on order but unless it arrives tomorrow it is likely to become spare parts.  :o
They were not intended to be used as subpanels- or maybe keeping ground and neutral separate wasn't a thing when they were being installed.  In any case, adding an isolated neutral would be a pain- if there is even room to do so.  I have never seen one where the ground and neutral were not connected.  So one more thing that is not, and realistically cannot be made to be code compliant.
Code,,, I don't need no stinkin code....   Tying safety ground to neutral on a direct shot to the panel works for me.

I have two dual plug in cartridge fuses above the old school fuse box, so i suspect one is for the oven, other probably the fuse box. I'll know which and what tomorrow.

I expect the electrician to resurface maybe next week... but since he also does plumbing he has probably been fixing a lot of broken pipes lately, we had an unusually cold spell,  :o and they needed his help more than I did.  ;D


 on: Yesterday at 09:07:04 pm 
Started by Robert Lofgren - Last post by Ray Aberle
That cool or do I need to lose the nickname that I'm known by as much as my first name?  Just let me know.  Totally overlooked the real name thingy.

You're good. Here on the PSW, we pride ourselves on being civil and standing behind what we say. Alluding to nicknames (like you did) is just fine-- we just don't hide behind a fully anonymous pseudonym!


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