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 on: Today at 03:26:17 am 
Started by Taylor Phillips - Last post by Chris Grimshaw
Also it's typically for stereo imaging at low frequencies to be narrowed, again because of the physical limitations of the media and the playback devices.

Doesn't matter. Even with digital files, <100Hz is almost always mono. That's mostly because our ability to locate LF sounds is so poor. No point in having stereo bass - can't tell the difference between that and mono anyway.
Add in the proliferation of home stereos with small satellites and dedicated subwoofers, and I don't see this as any kind of problem.


 on: Today at 03:06:05 am 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Peter Morris
I installed a few of them back in the day (the 80's), and they ran very hot to the touch (so they were very inefficient) and they made a lot of physical noise.

 ... for my application the noise didn't matter - you could never hear them above the background noise in the factories that we installed them in ... production lines that made things like washing machines, steel roofing, gutters, steel car parts etc. 

 on: Today at 12:44:48 am 
Started by Mal Brown - Last post by Ray Aberle
Mal, when I get back from Wisconsin, let's meet up with gear and play around a bit- I'd be happy to go over various options with you!


 on: Today at 12:01:38 am 
Started by Lyle Williams - Last post by Alfredo Prada

Is anyone using the Line-6 XD-V35L for Smaart? 

Just using the omni lav or with a measurement mic?

Just want to check that the V35 works before I buy.


I am using the XD V75 and it works fine, using NTI's miniSPL mic (battery power, no need for 48v) into the lav pack with Shure's XLR to TA4 cable. The XD V35L should work also.

 on: Yesterday at 11:19:12 pm 
Started by Tim Bulin - Last post by David Sturzenbecher
Danley and Fulcrum Acoustics are two fine American made companies.  Not exactly at the same price point however. I know some of the EV stuff is made in the States as well, not sure about their entry level stuff though.

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 on: Yesterday at 10:37:45 pm 
Started by Justin Joyner - Last post by Jason Glass
JTS is available in the USA from dealers with distribution by Italian Speaker Imports (ISI).  ISI also distributes FBT and Bespeco in the US.  And yes, JTS did make mics that looked so much like Shure products quite a few years ago, that I think they got in trouble because of it.  That's interesting considering who they manufacture wireless products for now.

If you're implying that they now manufacture hardware for Shure, that's incorrect. Shure manufacturing is all in-house, although not necessarily in USA.

 on: Yesterday at 10:26:34 pm 
Started by Hanno Meingast - Last post by Andrew Henderson
Since this is a direct connection, have you set static IP addresses for both devices?

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 on: Yesterday at 10:10:30 pm 
Started by Tim Bulin - Last post by Tim Bulin
With Peavey shipping the SP line to China and Carvin gone...who's left making gear in the US at that price point?

Was very disappointed to get my QSC GX7 and see "Made in China" on the box.  I'm trying to move to US made equipment and just not finding any that isn't at the Peavey QW/ QSC Powerlight level and beyond. 

 on: Yesterday at 10:03:22 pm 
Started by Rob Spence - Last post by Robert Patch
The list get's longer... new ELX200-10P from EV:



Now you've got me wondering about the ETX-10P.  Anyone have experience with it?

 on: Yesterday at 09:54:31 pm 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Tim McCulloch
I first got exposed to magnetic amplifiers in the 60's (used inside an early switching power supply for current limiting). Pretty old school technology.

As your link notes a ferroresonant transformers is effectively running at (magnetic flux) saturation, so pretty inefficient for variable loads. Clever stuff for the very old days. 

I can't say that I ever saw one in the wild (that I recognized as one).


One of the lakes nearby has a permanent stage and the "friends of the lake" group installed a ferroresonant transformer for audio and stage power.  I remember it was noisy and heated up the switch gear shack.  It was nice having good audio power.  Lights are on a conventional step down transformer.

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