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 on: Yesterday at 08:33:34 am 
Started by Rodney Connelly - Last post by Chris Hindle

To stray a bit further... I've noticed that LOTS of folks in the entertainment industry exhibit signs of being somewhere on the autism spectrum (Asperger's seems well represented among us).

You don't have to be crazy to work in production, but it doesn't hurt.....

 on: Yesterday at 08:27:25 am 
Started by Trevor Jalla - Last post by Dennis Wiggins
And says to the bartender...

Mike just left, right?

Elvis:           You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone!

Happy Thanksgiving, All!


 on: Yesterday at 06:05:51 am 
Started by Jonathan Goodall - Last post by Peter Morris
Well now ... no activity for a week.  Looks like the fever has broken.

Has anyone stateside touched one yet ?

My rep said he would bring a demo unit mid November ... that's now come and gone.

I'm thinking that we'll be finished with the turkey leftovers long before an SQ appears.

They're out doing gigs in some countries  :)

 on: Yesterday at 03:42:04 am 
Started by Anton Antonov - Last post by Anton Antonov
Hi all!

First of all I apologize for the English, greetings from Russia  ;)

I have 3 Shure ULXP SM58 sets, each have different frequency range (from 500 to 820 MHz). I bought Shure UA844 and now want to buy antennas. I have live sound with base-mic ranges up to 30 meters. I also work with the host of events that moves around the hall, so, it seems to me, I can`t use only directional antennas.
As I understand best way for me will be 1 directional and 1 omni-directional antennas (passive)
So, for dirrectional I have to use Shure PA805 and for omni Shure UA860SWB
At this moment all right? Or better will be use two Shure UA860SWB?

How did I read on this forum, the radio frequency anyway what is your antenna manufacturer. I see price for Sennheiser A 1031-U and Sennheiser A 2003-UHF is twice lower than Shure, are there any differences ? Can I save money and use Sennheiser set? Or the quality is lower and therefore it is cheaper?


 on: Yesterday at 03:03:57 am 
Started by Tom Bourke - Last post by Tom Bourke
So, in laws are in town this week and the water heater starts leaking.  Joy, we bought this house this year and the water heater install was not to code.  So it's not just a quick swap.  Have to move the pipes around to accommodate putting the heater on a stand.  Also the T&P drain is WRONG, very very WRONG.  Oh yeah, this is the laundry room and they just smashed over the dryer duct to wedge this thing in.

The fix involves ripping out one studs bay worth of drywall and insulation.  It is FULL of dryer lint.  Father in law and I spend the better part of 2 days ripping out old parts, buying new parts, and clean up the insulation and lint.  BTW mid project was a detour to replace the main house shut off valve in the front yard because it was useless.  I have never seen the entire ball of a ball valve eaten away like that!

When we opened the wall we found some tees and multiple runs going under the slab.  Since I am doing a thermostatic mixing valve I thought it would be cool if one of those lines went to the kitchen so I could feed that hotter water.  But how to trace out the copper pipes with out cutting them?  It dawned on me I could use my amp clamp meter and a PSU to trace current on the pipes.  So I found a lamp that draws 1 A at 12 V and a PSU.  It WORKED better than I could have hoped.  With the water heater bond off and a long wire ran to the fixture under test I could easily read the 1 A on only one pipe.

Oh yeah, the fire extinguisher.  Last joint of the day. I managed to hit that one little bit of lint in a gap behind a stud that caught and started spreading upwards.  Dam, first time for everything.  Grabbed a brand new extinguisher and let her rip.

While typing this I was sitting fire watch to make sure it was all out.  About an hour after clean up was done my father in law notices a wisp of smoke.  The fire was still smoldering behind a 2X4.  Hit it with the hose.  We ended up opening the next bay over and cut out the 2X4.  Hit it with more water.  It was kind of strange framing right at a wall junction.  Lots of places for fire to hide.  Its all out now.  No major damage.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Keep a hose handy!

 on: Yesterday at 02:59:10 am 
Started by Trevor Jalla - Last post by Trevor Jalla
And says to the bartender...

Mike just left, right?

 on: Yesterday at 01:57:26 am 
Started by Wes Garland - Last post by duane massey
On a related note, several years ago I received a call from a skating rink, and was contracted to install lights they had purchased online. Everything was ADJ except a Chinese RGB laser with little documentation. I installed everything but the laser, and explained that there was no way to safely use the device without at least knowing the class rating (and it was DEFINITELY a "big boy") The owner was a bit peeved, but he paid me for my work per agreement, which was T/M. Went back 30 days later to tweak some programming and they had installed the laser themselves, aimed straight across the skate rink so the entire area was within the beams. I told the manager that this was potentially dangerous and they could be held liable, etc. His response was typical: "The DJ said it was fine because it was scanning most of the time, and he knew what he was doing because...well, he's a DJ".
They are no longer in business, thankfully NOT because of the laser.

 on: Yesterday at 01:41:41 am 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by Jeff Bankston
uh oh !

 on: Yesterday at 01:29:02 am 
Started by Terry Martin - Last post by Dan Mortensen
Use of an RF spectrum analyzer showed a big RF spike from a bad cable or termination of a cable connecting to an SDI device.

So, Tim (or anyone else), how would you use a spectrum analyzer to localize that spike to identify a particular cable or end of a cable?

Is there some kind of special antenna?

Cables spraying interference is a phenomenon I've never heard of in my very limited experience.

There has been talk elsewhere (maybe on this forum?) about unterminated ports being some kind of problem, but have not heard of a solution (what does a terminator for an unterminated port look like?) or exactly what kind of problem it is.

Well, shoot,  Google is your friend

Terry, you got any unterminated RF ports in your rack? Could that result in spraying RF interference around?

I'm glad that Terry is checking back and has gotten an RF Explorer and Vantage to try to figure it out. It's been interesting to read through the whole thread again, with a problem that is vexing the experts as well as the newbies.

I don't doubt that a solution will be found and that it will be helpful to all of us to know the answer.

 on: Yesterday at 12:48:34 am 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by Nathan Riddle
Hellooo my fellow laborers!

Story time! Disclaimer: censored language.

I live in NICEville.

So I take off early today so I can work on cleaning my garage full of gear/junk and put shelves in and organize everything I have. Great, I got a buddy to help out. Going awesome! Started around 3pm.

Get everything out of the garage into the driveway cleaning and moving stuff. and I need an additional shelf. Now mind you I do this semi regularly and we live on a fairly busy main road.

I have my buddy stay and watch the gear in my driveway. I thought it'd be okay, but I wanted to be sure while I was gone.

I run off to Lowes and come back.

"Hey guess what happened!?"


"You know how the motion lights go out after no motion goes on?"


"Well, I was sitting on the front porch on my phone and I was pretty hidden in the dark. And this car pulls up across the street. I thought that was weird since there's no house directly across from you. Then these two black guys jump out of the car and run over here."


"Yeah, I'm stunned, thought to myself 'are you for real doing this now?' There's tons of traffic and people I wasn't sure what to do. They get a few feet away from the gear. That's when I stood-up and the light came on. I yelled at them 'Hey motherf*ckers' and racked my pistol back. Earlier I had grabbed my pistol just in case... well I'm glad I did. Frightened, they said 'oh f*ck' and ran."

"dang dude, when did this happen?"

"Right as it got dark, maybe 20min ago around 5:10p"


So now I'm looking for Black Friday deals on security camera systems and led motion lighting... yay.

Stay safe y'all. Keep security in your minds even when you're not on the gig!

Merry Thanksgiving :)

Not a big deal, I'm sure they were just passing by and thought they could get a quick grab at something. Hopefully they aren't casing the joint and plan on coming back :( Can't believe something like that could happen here in my little town on a busy highway. I could have gone in for water and come out and they could have gotten away with it.

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